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Views Preview: Did Trump Give Russians Classified Information?

May 16, 2017

The Washington Post reports that President Donald Trump shared classified intelligence with a Russian envoy during a meeting in the Oval Office last week. The Trump administration denies the report – while the president is tweeted to the contrary. Where’s the truth?

Greg Miller & Greg Jaffe, Washington Post: “Trump revealed highly classified information to Russian foreign minister and ambassador

Ashley Parker, Washington Post: “Trump acknowledges ‘facts’ shared with Russian envoys during White House meeting

William Cummings, USA Today: “How the latest Trump headlines played out in conservative, liberal media

Louis Nelson, POLITICO: “Trump defends sharing ‘facts’ with Russia for ‘humanitarian reasons’

Oliver Darcy, CNN Money: “Pro-Trump media dismisses bombshell report the president shared with classified info

Kristina Wong, Breitbart: “Deep state leaks highly classified into to Washington Post to smear President Trump

Trump on press briefings

Jim Rutenberg, New York Times: “In Trump’s White House press briefings, no degree of accuracy required

David Nakamara, Washington Post: “Are the press briefings Trump has threatened to cancel no longer operative?

Glenn Thrush & Maggie Haberman, New York Times: “’Looking like a liar or fool’: What is means to work for Trump

Caroline Linton, CBS News: “Final decision on press briefings will be in the next few weeks, Trumps say

Daniel Politi, Slate: “Trump considers replacing Spicer with Fox News host as part of broad shake-up

Aidan McLaughlin, Mediaite: “Trump rumored to be changing WH Press Secretary, but no press team can fix this mess

Abigail Tracy, Vanity Fair: “Is Donald Trump about to blow up the West Wing?

Ron Elving, NPR: “This isn’t ‘another Watergate’ but it plays as on TV – and on Twitter

Lauren Evans, The Slot: “Is Sean Spicer getting fired?

Justin Haskins, The Blaze: “Trump reportedly considering Fox News star for White House press secretary

Bonnie Kristian, The Week: “When President Trump decided to fire James Comey, he didn’t share his plan with the vice president or press secretary

Tom McCarthy, The Guardian: “James Comey’s firing puts Trump’s vexed relationship with the media in focus

Michael Calderone, Huffington Post: “Trump suggests he could handle press briefings instead of Sean Spicer

Margaret Sullivan, Washington Post: “’Dude fires people’: How the chaotic Trump news cycle confuses and misinforms the public

Shane Goldmacher, POLITICO: “How Trump gets his fake news

Is the media 'Trumpist?'

Mary Papenfuss, Huffington Post: “Kellyanne Conway rips Anderson Cooper’s eye roll as sexist and ‘Trumpist’

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Tronc’s bid for the Sun-Times

Lynne Marek, Crain’s Chicago Business: “Chicago Tribune parent Tronc in deal to acquire Sun-Times

Associated Press: “Tronc in talks with Wrapports to acquire Chicago Sun-Times

Mitchell Armentrout, Chicago Sun-Times: “Sun-Times on the selling block – and Tribune owner wants to buy it

James Warren, Poynter: “Tronc moves to buy the Chicago Sun-Times as Department of Justice launches antitrust investigation

Robert Feder: “Tronc could buy Sun-Times by month’s end, publisher says

James Warren, Poynter: “Sun-Times runs front-page ad announcing it’s for sale

Editorial Board, Chicago Tribune: “A bid to save newspaper competition on Chicago

D.B. Hebbard, Talking New Media: “Publisher of the Chicago Tribune intends to acquire tabloid rival Chicago Sun-Times

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Colorado voting law exposes journalists

Corey Hutchins, Columbia Journalism Review: “Colorado law could increase scrutiny of state journalists

Corey Hutchins, Colorado Independent: “Unaffiliated? You can vote in Colorado’s 2018 party primaries. But should the party you choose be public information?

Editorial Board, The Daily Sentinel: “Legislature is making a mockery of Prop 108

Jeffrey A. Roberts, Colorado Freedom of Information Coalition: “Unaffiliated voter’s choice of primary ballot should be public record, state lawmakers say

Getting the kids on board

Ricardo Bilton, Nieman Journalism Lab: “The New York Times continues to experiment with the Sunday paper, this time with a special kids’ section

Ricardo Bilton, Nieman Jouranalism Lab: “NPR’s first kid-focused podcast is taking some narrative lessons from its adult counterparts

Ricardo Bilton, Nieman Journalism Lab: “Crinkling News wants to teach media literacy to young readers

At the Upfronts

Todd VanDerWerff, Vox: “Why May’s ‘upfronts’ week is one of the most important weeks of the TV year

Daniel Holloway, Variety: “What’s in store from networks at 2017 upfronts

Leslie Goldberg, Hollywood Reporter: “TV Upfronts: Indie studios squeezed out amid network ownership push

John Koblin, Michael M. Grynbaum & Sapna Maheshwari, New York Times: “NBC woos advertisers with Megyn Kelly, the new morning anchor

John Koblin, Michael M. Grynbaum & Sapna Maheshwari, New York Times: “As Fox pitches sports to advertisers, specter of news scandal lingers

Modern-day slave story

Alex Tizon, The Atlantic: “A story of slavery in modern America

Jeffrey Goldberg, The Atlantic: "Editor's Note: Alex Tizon's ultimate story"