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Views Preview: The Ethics of Naming Ashley Madison Users

Aug 25, 2015

Hackers stole hook-up site Ashley Madison's member database and made it searchable online. Since that happened, media outlets around the world have been scouring the data and identifying users. Is it ethical for journalists to publish the data, given it's been made available to them via illegal means?

Chava Gourarie, Columbia Journalism Review: “Is it ethical to write about hacked Ashley Madison users?

Australian Associated Press: “Radio hosts tell woman live on air her husband had Ashley Madison account

Ashley Feinberg, Gawker: “Family values activist Josh Duggar had a paid Ashley Madison account

Kevin Litten, New Orleans Times-Picayune: “Ashley Madison client list includes Louisiana GOP executive director; he says it was for research

Jack Gillum & Ted Bridis, Associated Press: “Cheating website subscribers included WH, Congress workers

Market watchers

The volatility in the stock market this week raises interesting questions about how CNBC reports what's happening on Wall Street.

Michael Hiltzik, Los Angeles Times: “Market turmoil and the problem of CNBC

Etan Vlessing & Eriq Gardner, The Hollywood Reporter: “Disney, CBS, Time Warner and Sony were among the entertainment stocks taking a big hit on Monday

Journalists as activists

In what situations should our humanity override our objectivity?

Dan Gillmor, Editor & Publisher: “Shoptalk: Why journalists should (at least sometimes) be activists

Political Reporter Wanted

Rare Media has pulled down the job description (right), maybe because it was misinterpreted... maybe because it appeared it was looking for a reporter willing to do anything -- and everything to get the story, including getting to know sources... intimately.

Samantha Cooney, Mashable: “Wanted: Political reporter like House of Cards’ Zoe Barnes. Wait, what?

Gabriel Arana, Huffington Post: “Sexist job ad seeks reporter who is ‘Less Paula Zahn, more Zoe Barnes

Chris Cillizza, Washington Post: “This job description proves why ‘House of Cards’ is terrible for women in journalism


Deleting politicians' tweets

Twitter has shut down access for a worldwide network of 30 websites that had been archiving the deleted tweets of politicians. 

James Vincent, The Verge: “Twitter shuts down 30 sites dedicated to saving politicians deleted tweets

Jenn Topper Sunlight Foundation Blog: “Twitter shuts down 30 international versions of Politwoops

J.K. Trotter, Gawker: “Twitter just killed Politwoops

Philip Bump, Washington Post: “Twitter’s terrible decision to block Politwoops

Game changers

Imagine being a sports reporter credentialed to cover games and open practices, but then being told that just because you see something happen on the field doesn't mean you're allowed to report it.

Kendall Morris, WBIR-TV: “UT football media policy adds restrictions

Andrew Bucholtz, Bloguin: “Robert Klemko discusses not reporting Cris Carter’s comments, NFL’s retroactive off-the-record wipe

Sam Borden, New York Times: “English club shuts out journalists with new kind of defense

William Turvill, Press Gazette: “Channel 4 News ‘banned’ from Newcastle United press conference – because reporter wanted to ask about media bans

Ed Sherman, Chicago Tribune: “Many in media upset with Bears limiting live training camp coverage