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Views Preview: Fox News Retracts Seth Rich Story

May 23, 2017

Credit Courtesy Fox News

Fox News announced it is retracting its story on Seth Rich. The DNC staffer was murdered in Washington D.C. last summer. The cable network has been reporting for more than a week that his slaying came 12 days after contacting Wikileaks. Now, it says that reporting doesn’t stand up to its editorial standards. What changed? 

Fox News: “Statement on coverage of Seth Rich murder investigation

Oliver Darcy, CNN Money: “Fox News staffers ‘disgusted’ at network’s promotion of Seth Rich conspiracy theory

Megan Garber, The Atlantic: “It’s too late for Fox to retract its Seth Rich story

Benjamin Mullin, Poynter: “Fox News retracts bogus Seth Rich story

Daniel Victor, New York Times: “Fox News retracts Seth Rich story that stirred controversy

Margaret Sullivan, Washington Post: “The Seth Rich lie, and how the corrosion of reality should worry every American

Oliver Darcy, CNN Money: “Seth Rich’s brother pleads with Hannity to stop spreading conspiracy theory

Roger Ailes (19XX-2017)

Gabriel Sherman, New York Magazine: “Roger and me

Margaret Sullivan, Washington Post: “Roger Ailes’s lasting legacy for women workers is one he would have hated

Bret Stephens, New York Times: “The man who wrecked conservatism

Jonah Goldberg, National Review: “Roger Ailes, one of a kind

Jeff Greenfield, POLITICO: “The secret of Roger Ailes’ billion-dollar bubble

Jon Klein, Washington Post: “The dark source of Roger Ailes’s power

Don Kaplan, New York Daily News: “Roger Ailes was innocent – in his own mind

Jessica Toonkel & Daniel Wiessner, Reuters: “Fate of Ailes harassment lawsuits unclear after his death

Paul Farhi, Washington Post: “Many publicly mourned Roger Ailes, but the silence was deafening, too

Trump’s overseas visit

Callum Borchers, Washington Post: “The media is taking a beating on Trump’s foreign trip

Isabel Kershner, New York Times: “Preparations for Trump’s visit expose political rifts in Israel

Haroon Moghul, Haaretz: “While Trump ingratiates himself with Saudi extremists, U.S. Muslims are abandoned

Quintan Wiktorowicz, Washington Post: “Why Trump’s speech on terrorism was such a missed opportunity

Raheem Kassam, Breitbart: “Kassam: From Cairo to Riyadh, Trump urged action on terror where Obama offered Islamic apologism

Uri Friedman & Emma Green, The Atlantic: “Trump’s speech on Islam, annotated

Hadas Gold & Annie Karni, Politico: “Tillerson holds a press conference without U.S. media

Jackie Wattles, CNN Money: “Tillerson holds briefing in Saudi Arabia without US press

CNN’s candid Cooper

Kristine Phillips, Washington Post: “Anderson Cooper apologizes for conjuring image of Trump defecating on his desk

Salvador Hernandez, BuzzFeed: “Anderson Cooper just told a contributor he’d defend Trump even if he took ‘a dump on his desk’

What’s next for Julian Assange?

Steven Erlanger & Christina Anderson, New York Times “Julian Assange rape inquiry is dropped but his legal problems remain daunting

Esther Addley & Alan Travis, The Guardian: “Swedish prosecutors drop Julian Assange rape investigation

BBC: “Julian Assange: “Sweden drops rape investigation

Colin Dwyer, NPR: “Sweden drops rape investigation of Julian Assange – but he’s not in the clear

Sky News: “Julian Assange: Rape investigation against Wikileaks founder dropped

Jeremy Hodges & Niclas Rolander, Bloomberg Technology: “Wikileaks’ Assange remains in embassy after rape case dropped

Matthew Weaver, The Guardian: “Can Julian Assange now walk free? What happens next – Q & A

Facebook’s internal rulebooks

Nick Hopkins, The Guardian: “Revealed: Facebook’s internal rulebook on sex, terrorism and violence

Nick Hopkins, The Guardian: “Facebook moderators: a quick guide to their job and its challenges

Nick Hopkins & Julia Carrie Wong, The Guardian: “Has Facebook become a forum for misogyny and racism?

Johana Bhuiyan, Recode: “Here are some pretty awful things you can (and cannot) say on Facebook

Jon Fingas, Engadget: “Leak reveals Facebook’s rules for controversial content

David Z. Morris, Fortune: “Facebook’s content screening guidelines leaked

Alex Hazlett, Mashable: “Facebook mined its way through social and now is trying to pick its way through

Monika Bickert, The Guardian: “At Facebook we get things wrong – but we taek our safety role seriously

Getting the kids on board

Ricardo Bilton, Nieman Journalism Lab: “The New York Times continues to experiment with the Sunday paper, this time with a special kids’ section “Make the New York Times for Kids a permanent Sunday section

Ricardo Bilton, Nieman Journalism Lab: “NPR’s first kid-focused podcast is taking some narrative lessons from its adult counterparts

Ricardo Bilton, Nieman Journalism Lab: “Crinkling News wants to teach media literacy to young readers

Ginnie Graham, Tulsa World: “Elementary school isn’t too young to learn about journalism

Alternative advertising strategies

Meg James & Stephen Battaglio, Los Angeles Times: “How the big TV networks are adapting to ad-skipping viewers

Damian Garde, STAT: “How a drug ad made its way into ‘General Hospital’

Sapna Maheshwari, New York Times: “Networks offer taste of TV’s ad future. Marketers are hungry for more.

Journalists’ brain function tested

Lindsay Dodgson, Business Insider: “Journalists drink too much, are bad at managing emotions and operate at a lower level than average, according to new study

Tara Swart: “Study into the mental resilience of journalists