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Views Preview: How Budget Cuts Could Affect Local Public Media Stations

Mar 21, 2017

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President Trump’s budget proposal calls for the elimination of four independent cultural agencies, including the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. Everyone has been talking about what that means for NPR and PBS, but what about the stations you rely on in rural areas?

Sopan Deb, New York Times: “Trump proposes eliminating the arts and humanities endowments

Julie Andrews, CNN: “Rescue arts from the budget chopping block

Kim Soffen & Denise Lu, Washington Post: “Trump budget cuts: U.S. federal spending in 2018

Ed Mazza, Huffington Post: “Elmo from ‘Sesame Street’ learns he’s being fired because of Donald Trump’s budget cuts

Alex Young, Consequence of Sound: “Donald Trump eliminates funding of public broadcasting under proposed budget

Philip Kennicott & Peggy McGlone, Washington Post: “Trump budget plan cuts the arts

Jon Blistein, Rolling Stone: “Grammy organizers ‘alarmed’ by Trump’s proposed arts funding cuts

Callum Borchers, Washington Post: “Trump’s budget will probably slash public media, but the biggest losers won’t be PBS and NPR

Michael Paarlberg, The Guardian: “Trump’s budget: The dream of a paranoid strongman and a vicious Scrooge

Ed Kilgore, Daily Intelligencer: “Trump budget a blast from the conservative past

Benjamin Mullin, Poynter: “President Trump’s budget slashes support for funder of NPR, PBS and public radio stations

Brian Stelter, CNN: “PBS and NPR are ready to fight budget cuts – again

Paul Fahri, Washington Post: “The end of Big Bird? He’s survived the budget ax many times before.

Justin Ray & Carlett Spike, Columbia Journalism Review: “Relying on federal funding might be a fatal mistake for public media

Jimmy Breslin 1930-2017

Jason Silverstein & Larry McShane, New York Daily News: “Legendary Daily News columnist Jimmy Breslin dead at 88

Dan Barry, New York Times: “Jimmy Breslin, Legendary New York City newspaper columnist, dies at 88

Paul Duggan, Washington Post: “Columnist Jimmy Breslin, bard of New York streets, dies at 88

Lauren Evans, Jezebel: “Legendary reporter Jimmy Breslin dead at 88

Lydia O’Connor, Huffington Post: “Iconic New York columnist Jimmy Breslin dead at 88

Jim Rutenberg, New York Times: “A ‘dying breed’ taking more than its loud, local voice with it

Daniel Carpenter, Poynter: “Meeting Jimmy Breslin, the best bleeping newspaper columnist of all time

Tillerson limits access

Michael Calderone, Huffington Post: “Americans don’t know what their secretary of state is doing right now

Elliot Smilowitz, The Hill: “Tillerson: ‘I’m not a big media press access person’

Alan Yuhas, The Guardian: “Rex Tillerson defends blocking reporters from diplomatic trip to Asia

Justin Green, Axios: “Rex Tillerson finally speaks

Benjamin Mullin, Poynter: “Secretary Tillerson allows Fox News, excludes others from DMZ meeting

Indira A.R. Lakshmanan, Boston Globe: “Secretary Tillerson has dealt with dictators. Why is he scared of a free press?

Margaret Sullivan, Washington Post: “Tracking the special treatment media get when they play nice with the White House

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The end for 'Missing Richard Simmons'

Linda Holmes, NPR: "'Missing Richard Simmons and the nature of being known"

Quentin Fottrell, CBS Marketwatch: "The irony of 'Missing Richard Simmons' podcast: It revealed a lot more about us"

Mike Scott, New Orleans Picayune: “Why you should be listening to ‘Missing Richard Simmons’

Samantha Storey, Huffington Post: “The story behind the ‘Missing Richard Simmons’ podcast

Dan Zak, Washington Post: “Is Richard Simmons missing Or is he just dearly missed?

Eric Zorn, Chicago Tribune: “Don’t’ be missing this podcast

Janelle Harris, Rolling Stone: “’Missing Richard Simmons’: Everything you need to know

Sopan Deb, New York Times: “Richard Simmons’s disappearing act inspires a hit podcast

TMZ: “Richard Simmons ‘perfectly fine’ after welfare check

The Blaze suspends Lahren

Danielle Lee Tomson, Huffington Post: “To the women of The View: Don’t normalize Tomi Lahren

Jessica Estepa, USA Today: “Commentator Tomi Lahren suspended from The Blaze

Author not specified, BBC: “US TV host Tomi Lahren 'suspended over pro-choice comments'

Samantha Shmidt, Washington Post: “‘I’m pro-choice,’ says Tomi Lahren: ‘Stay out of my guns, and you can stay out of my body’

Claire Z. Cardona and Naomi Martin, Dallas News: “Tomi Lahren show on hold after she voiced pro-choice stance

Matthew Sheffield, Salon: “Conservatives turn on pundit Tomi Lahren after she says she’s pro-choice on ‘The View’

California libel case lost

Karen Velie & Daniel Blackburn, Cal Coast News: “Arroyo Grande tryst a group affair

Mike McPhee, New York Times: “A journalism scandal roils the central coast

Matt Fountain, The Tribune: “Cal Coast News loses libel case, must pay $1.1 million in damages

Livestreaming… what’s the point?

Eileen Sullivan & Eric Tucker, Associated Press: “FBI Director James Comey to testify at public inquiry into Russian interference

Brooke Singman, FOX News: “What you need to know: Comey to testify before House intel panel

Toluse Olorunnipa, Bloomberg: “Trump denies Russia collusion ahead of Comey's testimony

YouTube filtering going too far?

Niraj Chokshi, New York Times: “YouTube filtering draws ire of gay and transgender creators

Elle Hunt, The Guardian: “LGBT community angry over YouTube restrictions which make their videos invisible

David Renshaw, The FADER: “YouTube has issued a statement following complaints over hidden LGBTQ videos

Preserving online lectures

The Next Web: “20,000 unfairly deleted UC Berkeley lectures are now available for free

Paul Meekin, The Libertarian Republic: “Berkeley’s ‘Anti-ADA’ videos saved by startup ‘LBRY’

Cory Doctorow, Boing Boing: “UC Berkeley nuked 20,000 Creative Commons lectures, but they’re not going away