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Views Preview: O'Reilly, Weinstein and the 'Sh**ty Media Men' list

Oct 24, 2017

Did 21st Century Fox renew Bill O’Reilly’s contract soon after he settled a sexual harassment suit for more than $32 million – six months after founder Roger Ailes’ ouster? A New York Times report says so.

Emily Steel & Michael S. Schmidt, New York Times: “O’Reilly settled new harassment claim, then Fox renewed his contract

Mark Fabiani, “Statement by Mark Fabiani on behalf of Bill O’Reilly relating to the New York Times smear piece

Benjamin Hart, Daily Intelligencer: “Report: O’Reilly settled an additional $32 million harassment case

Cynthia Littleton, Variety: “21st Century Fox defends renewing Bill O’Reilly contract despite new sexual harassment settlement

Haley Britzky, Axios: “Fox renewed O’Reilly’s contract after sixth harassment settlement

Jackie Strause, The Hollywood Reporter: “Megyn Kelly: ‘I complained’ about Bill O’Reilly’s behavior

Julia Wallace, Arizona Central: “My Turn: #MeToo… We were complicit in the sexual harassment of women

Jim Rutenberg, New York Times: “A long-delayed reckoning of the cost of silence on abuse

Erik Wemple, Washington Post: “Megyn Kelly drops the hammer on Bill O’Reilly

Brian Stelter, CNN: “’Outrageous:’ Gretchen Carlson and others react to new Bill O’Reilly revelation

Ed Mazza, Huffington Post: “Bill O’Reilly says he’s ‘mad at God’ for not giving him more protection

Erik Wemple, Washington Post: “Loathsome: Bill O’Reilly attempts to shame female colleagues by citing thank-you notes

'Sh**ty Media Men' List

Michael Calderone, POLITICO: “Leon Wieseltier acknowledges ‘misdeads’ with female colleagues

CWarzel, Tiny Letter: “Why the pro-Trump media is so interested in ‘Sh**ty Media Men’

Jon Levine, The Wrap: “BuzzFeed memo addresses sexual harassment after ‘Sh—ty Media Men’ report

CNN’s Apple promotion

Tucker Higgins, CNBC: “CNN takes on White House over fake news criticism: Apples are not bananas

Ed Mazza, Huffington Post: “CNN’s new #FactsFirst ‘Apple’ ad sparts battle over banana truthers

Ann-Christine Diaz, AdAge: “CNN’s ‘facts first’ brand campaign calls an apple an apple

Meghann Farnsworth, ReCode: “CNN’s new ‘This is an apple’ ad targets Trump

ESPN cancels ‘Barstool Van Talk’

Brian Steinberg, Variety: “ESPN cancels ‘Barstool Van Talk,’ citing concerns about Barstool content

Kevin Draper, New York Times: “ESPN cancels Barstool Sports partnership after one episode

Tony Maglio, The Wrap: “Barstool sports boss on ‘Van Talk’ cancellation: ‘ESPN needed us more than we need them’

Chris Chavez, Sports Illustrated: “ESPN cancels ‘Barstool Van Talk’ after one episode

Ryan Glasspiegel, The Big Lead: “ESPN has an identity crisis: What do they want to be?”

Hill talks to TMZ

Mary Papenfuss, Huffington Post: “Jemele Hill says she deserved ESPN suspension ‘after my Donald Trump  Tweets’

TMZ Sports: “Jemele Hill: ‘I deserved that suspension’… not mad as ESPN

Frank Pallotta, CNN: “Jemele Hill to return to ESPN after two-week suspension

Erik Wemple, Washington Post: “Jemele Hill: I deserved my suspension and stand by what I said

Asking for user-generated content in crisis situations

Feeding the machine

April Slattery, Computer Business Review: “BBC reports new foray into AI and machine learning

Shawn Knight, TechSpot: “The BBC will use machine learning to improve programming

Shannon Liao, The Verge: “BBC will use machine learning to cater to what audiences will want to watch

Nick Summers, Engadget: “The BBC is turning to AI to improve its programming

Emily Tan, Campaign: “Google launches TV content explorer and a series of other updates for programmatic TV

Millennials: The new subscriber base

Jason Schwartz, POLITICO: “Young subscribers flock to old media