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Views Preview: Pundits return to talk about Iraq violence, ISIS

Jun 17, 2014

As the violence escalates in Iraq at the hands of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), there's a steady stream of hawkish pundits on television talking about the need to act.  What to Paul Wolfowitz, Paul Bremer, Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) and Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) have to say today that's different than prior to the 2003 invasion of Iraq?

Jack Mirkinson, Huffington Post: “Iraq hawks are still dominating the media debate

Peter Hart, Fairness & Accuracy in Reporting: “Iraq is a place where Americans suffered

Howard Kurtz, Fox News Channel: “As Katie interviews Kerry, a debate over who can debate the Iraq mess

Katrina Vanden Heuvel, Washington Post: “Where is the accountability on Iraq?

Chelsea Manning, New York Times: “The fog machine of war” (OP-ED)

The Daily Show
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Rep. Eric Cantor (R-Va.)
Credit United States Congress

Covering Cantor’s defeat

The U.S. House of Representatives will be holding elections for new leadership, replacing Rep. Eric Cantor (R-Va.).  Cantor resigned from Congress after losing a primary challenge to Tea Party candidate David Brat.

Cantor's loss came across to many as a big shock.  But, residents of his Richmond, Virgina district knew Brat's candidacy was real -- and that Cantor was quite vulnerable.

David Carr, New York Times: “Eric Cantor’s defeat exposed a Beltway journalism blind spot

Catherine Taibi, Huffington Post: “CNN’s Dana Bash on Eric Cantor interview: ‘I tried to get him off his talking points

Dylan Byers, POLITICO: "Brat's secret weapon: Talk radio"

Jim McConnell, Chesterfield Observer: "Retreading the GOP?"

Chelsea Clinton appears on "Rock Center" with Brian Williams.
Credit Courtesy NBC News

Chelsea Clinton's paycheck

How much is a fresh, new feature reporter worth to a broadcast network?  If her name is Chelsea Clinton, upwards of $600,000.  NBC hasn't confirmed a POLITICO report breaking that news but it hasn't denied it either.

Dylan Byers & Maggie Haberman, POLITICO: “Chelsea Clinton paid $600K by NBC

Jack Mirkinson, Huffington Post: “Chelsea Clinton has been making tons of money from NBC News

Erik Wemple, Washington Post: “What did Chelsea Clinton do for her $600,000 salary?

Michael Hiltzik, Los Angeles Times: “Why did NBC reportedly pay Chelsea Clinton $600,000 a year?

Native advertising works for Netflix, NYT

Credit Courtesy New York Times/TBrand

The New York Times has launched a multimedia report -- complete with video, audio and interactive graphics -- on what life is like for women in our federal prison system.  It is native advertising paid for by Netflix as a promotion for it's hit series, Orange is the New Black

Michael Sebastian, AdAge: “New York Times runs native a for Orange is the New Black

T Brand Studio, New York Times: “Women inmates separate but not equal (paid post by Netflix from

Amanda Walgrove, Contently: “The NYT just created incredible ‘Snow Fall’ for ‘Orange is the New Black’

Lucia Moses, Digiday: “New York Times debuts the ‘Snowfall’ of native ads

Sridhar Pappu, TBrand Studio for the New York Times: “Why the greatest threats to business and governments begin online (Paid post by Hewlett-Packard from

Questions on another CNN documentary

On the face of it, "41 On 41" appears to be a pretty interesting look at the life and legacy of President George H.W. Bush, produced to coincide with his 90th birthday.  But, what CNN failed to acknowledge in its promotion of the film or in any of the run-up to its airing is that it was paid for by the George Bush Presidential Library Foundation and that one of its producers is a former Bush speech writer.

David Zurawik, Baltimore Sun: “CNN ‘documentary’ on George H.W. Bush paid for by Bush Library Foundation

Erik Wemple, Washington Post: “Why is CNN airing a film funded by the George H. H. Bush Presidential Library Foundation?

How many school shootings?

After last Tuesday's school shooting in Oregon, many news organizations across the country reported -- in big headlines -- that it was the 74th such incident since the mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary school in Newtown, Connecticut.

The next day, CNN lowered that count to 15.  CNN explained on its website that when taking a closer look at the incidents the group Everytown Against Gun Violence counted in that 74, it felt many should have been excluded.

Ashley Fantz, Lindsey Knight & Kevin Wang, CNN: “A closer look: How many school shootings since Newtown?

David Ferguson, The Raw Story: “CNN cuts school shootings since Newtown from 74 to 15 to appease gun advocates

Nichole Flatow, Think Progress: “CNN decides not to count 80 percent of school shootings

Timothy Johnson, Media Matters for America: “CNN adopts flawed right-wing logic on school shooting numbers

Oliver Burkeman, The Guardian: “The gun lobby’s new tactic: redefining ‘school shootings’ so they don’t count

Sports reporter’s new haircut

KSAT-TV's Cory Smith's decision to cut a San Antonio Spurs logo has many wondering if the days of impartial local sports reporters are done and over.

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KSAT: “Cory Smith gets special haircut in Miami

Jim Romenesko, “San Antonio sports reporter Cory Smith gets spurs logo shaved into his head