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Views Preview: Questioning the Ethics of Reporting on Gov. Greitens' Affair

Jan 16, 2018

At least one Republican lawmaker is calling for Gov. Eric Greitens to resign following reports of an extramarital affair. Greitens denies details in a KMOV-TV report that he photographed the woman without her consent and used them to blackmail her. The station’s reporting is salacious and scandalous, but it is news? Does the public’s right to know about their elected officials’ behavior outweigh an individual’s right to privacy? 

Lauren Trager & John O’Sullivan, KMOV: “Blackmail alleged as Governor Greitens admits to extramarital affair

Fred Barbash, Washington Post: “Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens admits extramarital affair but denies reports he blackmailed woman with nude photo

Sarah Fenske, Riverfront Times: “Eric Greitens is in the hot seat. But we’re wrong to let a spurned ex drive this story

Shula Neuman, St. Louis Public Radio: “Editor’s note: Scandals may be fun, but they aren’t always journalism

Sandy Davidson, Columbia Missourian: “Greitens’ personal life becomes political tragedy

Rudi Keller, Columbia Daily Tribune: “Greitens’ political peril

Jason Hancock, Bryan Lowry & Lindsay Wise, Kansas City Star: “Blackmail allegations put Greitens’ ability to govern, political future at grave risk

John Eligon, Jess Bidgood & Jonathan Martin, New York Times: “Missouri’s combative governor, deep in scandal, puts on the charm

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  Accusing Aziz Ansari

Caitlin Flangan, The Atlantic: “The humiliation of Aziz Ansari

Jon Levine, The Wrap: “New York Times editor blasts Aziz Ansari accuser: ‘It’s called bad sex’

Laura Hudson, The Verge: “Forget the backlash – we need #MeToo now more than ever

Anna North, Vox: “The Aziz Ansari story is ordinary. That’s why we have to talk about it.

Jill Filipovic, The Guardian: “The poorly reported Aziz Ansari exposé was a missed opportunity

Natalie Gil, Refinery 29: “The debate about Aziz Ansari & consent just got even more heated

Elahe Izadi, Washington Post: “Aziz Ansari responds to sexual-misconduct allegation

Matt Wilstein, Daily Beast: “Ashleigh Banfield condemns Aziz Ansari accuser: ‘What you have done is appalling’

I have? Or I’d have?

Wall Street Journal: “Transcript of Donald Trump interview with the Wall Street Journal

Louise Radnofsky, Wall Street Journal: “White House disputes Trump quote in Journal interview

Brent D. Griffiths, POLITICO: “Trump picks fight with Wall Street Journal over interview

Rob McLean, CNN: “White House attacks WSJ over Trump interview

Jason Silverstein, Newsweek: “Trump misquotes himself while claiming Wall Street Journal misquoted him about Kim Jong Un

Michael D. Shear, New York Times: “Trump escalates a dispute with the Wall Street Journal over a quotation

He said it. Do we?

Erik Wemple, Washington Post: “A ‘shithole’ lesson for pundits: Do you really want to praise President Trump?

Julia Craven, Huffington Post: “Media euphemisms for ‘racist’ are stupidly tinged

Michael M. Grynbaum, New York Times: “After Donald Trump said it, how news outlets handled it

Brian Stelter, CNN Money: “’Shithole’ to racist: One word from Trump gets newsrooms talking about another

Jim Warren, Poynter: “To use s***hole or not? The president takes the media into the dumpster

Margaret Sullivan, Washington Post: “The words Trump uses, and the words the media must use in response

‘This is not a drill’

Al Tompkins, Poynter: “False missile alarm tests journalism’s response

Tad Bartimus, Honolulu Civil Beat: “When there’s a nuke headed your way,’do what you gotta do’

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  Major Facebook algorithm change

Jason Koebler, Motherboard: “Facebook is deprioritizing our stories. Good.

Scott Kleinberg, Medium: “Facebook overhauling News Feed is actually good for social media managers

Sapna Maheshwari & Sydney Ember, New York Times: “The end of the social news era? Journalists brace for Facebook’s big change

Farhad Manjoo, New York Times: “The difficulties with Facebook’s news feed overhaul

Charlie Warzel, BuzzFeed: “Facebook couldn’t handle news. Maybe it never wanted to.

Edgar Alvarez, Engadget: “Facebook goes back to basics: People

Brian Morrissey, Jack Marshall & Lucia Moses, Digiday: “’They’re saying, F publishers’: Media winners and losers of Facebook’s feed purge

Alex Kaplan, Media Matters for America: “Facebook’s news feed changes could elevate fake news while harming legitimate news outlets

Taylor Hatmaker, Techcrunch: “Facebook stock dips after the platform depriortizes publishers

Joshua Benton, Nieman Journalism Lab: “If Facebook stops putting news in front of readers, will readers bother to go looking for it?

Fred Vogelstein, Wired: “Facebook’s Adam Mosseri on why you’ll see less video, more from friends

Frederic Filloux, Monday Note: “Facebook is done with quality journalism. Deal with it.

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 Original programming hits all-time high

John Koblin, New York Times: “487 original programs aired in 2017. Bet you didn’t watch them all

Lesley Goldberg, The Hollywood Reporter: “FX Chief: Scripted originals set to top 520 in 2018