Views Preview: Ruling fuels mergers, Trump's historic summit and media coverage of Bourdain suicide | KBIA

Views Preview: Ruling fuels mergers, Trump's historic summit and media coverage of Bourdain suicide

Jun 13, 2018

Judge rules on AT&T merger

A federal district judge rejects the Trump administration's arguments against the proposed merger of telecom and satellite TV provider AT&T and media content giant Time Warner.  Will the government appeal?  What impact is the decision likely to have on consumers and other attempts at so-called "vertical" mergers?

Steve Overly, “Judge clears AT&T-Time Warner merger opposed by Trump,” Politico

Jill Disis, “AT&T wins big. Next up: Comcast and Fox,” CNN Money

Andrew Ross Sorkin, “The Political Legacy of a Failed Challenge to the AT&T-Time Warner Deal,” The New York Times

Credit CNN

Trump and Kim

Foster Klug, “Analysis: Trump and Kim’s 13-second handshake and what it meant to the world,” AP

Steve Holland, Soyoung Kim and Jack Kim, “Historic Trump-Kim summit ends with promise, light on substance,” Reuters

Michael Schuman, “This Time is Different With North Korea.  But Better?,” Bloomberg

Ankit Panda, “Trump’s Singapore Summit Was a Bust – for the U.S.,” The Daily Beast

Judson Berger, ”Trump to ‘Hannity’: Kim Jong Un to start denuclearization ‘virtually immediately’,” Fox News

Margaret Sullivan, “The North Korea summit was a triumph of Trumpian stagecraft, and the media fell for it,” The Washington Post

White House restricts US press access to Kim Jong Un summit,” AP

Dominique Mosbergen and Nick Visser, “Dennis Rodman Gets Emotional at Kim Summit: ‘I’m So Happy’.” HuffPost

Billy Bambrough, “Trump-Kim Summit: Dennis Rodman-Backed Cryptocurrency PotCoin Soars After Deal,” Forbes

Stef W. Kight, “15 memorable quotes from Trump’s North Korea summit,” Axios

NYT reporter and the leaker

Adam Goldman, Nicholas Fandos and Katie Benner, “Ex-Senate Aide Charged in Leak Case Where Times Reporter’s Records Were Seized,” The New York Times

Sarah Ellison and Paul Farhi, “Leak investigation that led to Senate aide's indictment puts spotlight on New York Times reporter,” The Washington Post

Callum Borchers, “How a reporter’s romance with her source muddies the FBI’s seizure of her records,” The Washington Post

Alex Pappas, “Ali Watkins' past tweets come back to haunt NYT reporter amid leak case,” Fox News

Michael Goodwin, “New York Times reporter broke the biggest rule in journalism,” New York Post

Shane Harris, Matt Zapotsky and Jack Gillum, “Customs and Border Protection agent faces inquiry after questioning reporter about her sources,” The Washington Post

Covering Anthony Bourdain’s suicide

Max Willens, “‘Low-hanging fruit’: Confessions of journalists covering celebrity deaths,” DigiDay

Elena Hilton, “The Delicate Nature of Covering Celebrity Suicide Is Delicate for a Reason,” Esquire

Mary Louise Kelly, “How Celebrity Deaths And The Coverage Of Them Can Contribute To More Suicides,” NPR

Melissa Etehad, “Mental health experts concerned about 'suicide contagion' after deaths of Anthony Bourdain and Kate Spade,” Los Angeles Times

Tom Kludt, “Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain: How the press can cover suicide without creating a 'contagion',” CNN

Joe Nocera, “Hiding My Depression Almost Destroyed My Job,” Bloomberg

Charles Krauthammer’s “final verdict”

Charles Krauthammer, “A note to readers,” The Washington Post

Joe Concha, “Charles Krauthammer says he only has a few weeks to live: 'This is the final verdict. My fight is over',” The Hill

Who says Craigslist doesn’t help journalism?

Jaclyn Peiser, “Craigslist Founder Gives $20 Million to CUNY Journalism School,” The New York Times


Ziati Meyer and Ben Tobin, “IHOP, or if you prefer, IHOb, bets big on name-change burger stunt,” USA Today

Chris Matyszczyk, “I Went to an IHOP That Definitely Wasn't an IHOb (I Tried the New Burgers Anyway),” Inc.