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Views Preview: The 'Star Wars' Countdown Is On

Dec 15, 2015

Disney’s promotion machine is on full blast for Friday’s release of ‘Star Wars: A Force Awakens.’ Will the film live up to the hype?

Kristen Hare, Poynter: “Bloomberg Business made some data journalism our of ‘Star Wars’

Jeremy Scott Diamond, Mark Glassman, Chandra Illick & Chloe Whiteaker, Bloomberg Business: “Star Wars: The force accounted

Brian Lowry, Variety: “’Star Wars’ fans and the media: It’s a trap!

Don Steinberg, Wall Street Journal: “Fans’ love-hate relationship with the Star Wars franchise

Blake Hennon, Los Angeles Times: “Is it Wookie or Wookiee? The Times’ definitive ‘Star Wars’ style guide

Angela Dawson, AdWeek: “How a mom-and-pop creamery in Brooklyn became the official ice cream of Star Wars

Bill Goodykoontz, Arizona Republic: “’Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ stares down a mountain of hype

Geoff Livingston & Jason Mollica: “How Disney revved up the Star Wars marketing machine

Time staff, TIME: “Turn any TIME story into the beginning of Star Wars

Who owns the Las Vegas Review-Journal?

Who owns the Las Vegas Review-Journal? Someone paid $140 million in cash for Nevada’s largest newspaper, but no one knows who that someone is. The rather unusual situation has staffers demanding answers.

Michael Calderone, Huffington Post: “Las Vegas Review-Journal staff launch Twitter campaign urging new owner to come forward

Ravi Somaiya, New York Times: “Reporters in Las Vegas try to crack the case of who owns their newspaper

Dan Primack, Fortune: “Koch brothers deny buying Las Vegas newspaper

James DeHaven, Las Vegas Review-Journal: “Unidentified buyer paid $140 million for Las Vegas Review-Journal

Howard Stutz & Jennifer Robison, Las Vegas Review-Journal: “Las Vegas Review-Journal sold to News + Media Capital Group LLC

D.B. Hebbard, Talking New Media: “New Media sells Las Vegas Review-Journal only months after acquiring property

What was Scalia saying?

Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia made comments during oral arguments in an affirmative action case last week that are said to have caused gasps in the courtroom. Were those comments racist? Or meant to probe lawyers to defend their position better?

Alex Griswold, Mediaite: “Media jumps the gun, attacks Scalia for a perfectly reasonable question

Lyle Dennison, SCOTUSblog: “Argument analysis: Now, three options on college affirmative action

Tina Nguyen, Vanity Fair: “Scalia’s comment on black students draws gasps in Supreme Court

Robert Barnes, Washington Post: “Court divided over University of Texas race-conscious admissions

Adam Liptak, New York Times: “Supreme Court justices’ comments don’t bode well for affirmative action

Michael McGough, Los Angeles Times: “No, Scalia’s comment about ‘less-advanced’ schools wasn’t racist

Paul Campos, Salon: “Scalia’s raging hypocrisy: Encroaching senility, raging racism, or does he no longer give a f*uck?

Credit Chicago Public Media

'Serial' returns

Season two of the popular podcast 'Serial' is here. Now we know, the story centers on Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl. The Army soldier left his post and spent five years held captive by the Taliban. Now he faces court martial.

Richard A. Oppel Jr. & John Koblin, New York Times: “Bowe Bergdahl case at center of ‘Serial’ season 2

Willa Frej, Huffington Post: “Serial’s second season starts and it’s quite different from its first

Fiona Sturges, The Independent: “Podcast returns with gripping, confident storytelling as Sarah Koenig takes on Bowe Bergdahl case

Michelle Dean, The Guardian: “Serial season two: Is it just a trailer for the Bowe Bergdahl movie?

Seija Rankin, E! Online: “Sarah Koenig doesn’t think fans are going to be excited by Serial Season 2

Questioning Julian Assange

The governments of Ecuador and Sweden have reached an agreement that will pave the way for Swedish officials to question Wikileaks founder Julian Assange. He is accused of rape and has been living in the Ecuadorian embassy in London to avoid those charges.

BBC: “Julian Assange to be questioned by Sweden

PA, The Telegraph: “Deal could see Julian Assange questioned by Swedish officials inside embassy

Cynthia Kroet, POLITICO: “Sweden to question Julian Assange

James Ball, BuzzFeed: “Julian Assange to be questioned in embassy after Ecuador and Sweden strike deal

ITV: “Julian Assange to be questioned at Ecuadorian embassy over sex allegation

Doug Bolton, The Independent: “Julian Assange: Sweden and Ecuador reach agreement for Wikileaks founder to be questioned over rape allegation

NBC’s promotion strategy

Is NBC News promoting Lester Holt to audiences in exactly the same way it did Brian Williams?

Tod Robberson, Dallas Morning News: “NBC forgets its Brian Williams lesson as it goes all out to market Lester Holt’s exploits