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Views Preview: State of the Union, Fake News, Fake Followers

Jan 31, 2018

President Trump used his first State of the Union speech to call for unity, but once again associated illegal immigration with drugs and murder.  Congressional Republicans cheered him.  Democrats largely sat on their hands and grumbled during parts of his immigration remarks.  What did the news media have to say before and after the address?

Eddie Scarry, “Media: Don’t give Trump credit for a good State of the Union speech,” Washington Examiner

Callum Borchers, “Trump’s first address to Congress remains the best media moment of his presidency.  It didn’t last long.,” The Washington Post

Julian Zelizer, “Does the State of the Union speech matter in the age of Trump?,” CNN

Charlie May, “Trump’s State of the Union speech will be praised, won’t it?,” Salon

Michael M. Grynbaum, "'Gloomy.' 'Amazing.' Trump's Speech Divides the Pundits," The New York Times

"State of the Union: Trump calls for unity but divides media," BBC

Dan Gainor, "The media can't 'resist' - dinging Trump's State of the Union before, during and after," Fox News

Nicole Gaudiano, "Rep. Kennedy denounces 'bullies' in rebuttal to Trump's State of the Union address," USA Today

Matthew Nussbaum, "Was That Drool Coming Out of Joe Kennedy's Mouth?," Politico

The Pope Takes On Fake News

Carol Kuruvilla, “Pope Francis Condemns Spread of Fake News as Evil,” HuffPost

Tom Kington, ‘Pope Francis sees origin of fake news in the snake’s lies in the Garden of Eden,” Los Angeles Times

Avi Selk, “The pope’s fake news guide couldn’t be more different from Trump’s,” The Washington Post

"The Follower Factory"

Nicholas Confessore, Gabriel J.X. Dance, Richard Harris and Mark Hansen, “The Follower Factory,” The New York Times

Ed Winstead, “Faked: The Headquarters. The Followers. The Influence?,” The New York Times

Cheryl Conner, “Fake Followers? Expose On Devumi Spurs Backlash On Social Media’s Black Market,” Forbes

Josh Delk, “NY AG investigating group that sells fake Twitter followers,” The Hill

Alisha Shurr, “Twitter bots follow Grietens by the thousands, mostly avoid other lawmakers,” The Missouri Times

Journalists and Larry Nassar

Marina Fang, “Prosecutor in Larry Nassar Case Thanks Journalists For Uncovering Sexual Abuse,” HuffPost

Eric Levenson, “How the Indy Star and Rachael Denhollander took down Larry Nassar,” CNN

Tim Evans, “Larry Nassar was sometimes arrogant, sometimes nervous, during only interview on sex abuse,” IndyStar

Karen K. Ho, “Orange County Register has investigated abuse in USA Gymnastics since 2004,” Columbia Journalism Review

Facebook: More or Less News?

Peter Kafka, “Facebook says it will push more local news stories into your News Feed,” Recode

Casey Newton, “Facebook says it will begin putting more local news into the News Feed,” The Verge

Will Oremus, “Facebook Is Putting More ‘Local News’ Into Your Feed.  That’s a Lot Harder Than It Sounds.,” Slate