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Views Preview: Times Story Revisits Aftermath of 2015 Mizzou Protests

Jul 11, 2017

The New York Times reports on the dramatic decline in enrollment at Mizzou in the wake of student protests.  A current student leader cries foul while right-wing media gleefully share the story.  Is there enough context?

Anemona Hartocollis, The New York Times: "Long After Protests, Students Shun the University of Missouri"

MU News Bureau: "Statement from University Leaders to Set the Record Straight: Response to the New York Times Story"

Nathan Willett, Columbia Missourian: "Guest Commentary: National article mischaracterizes state of MU after 2015 protests"

Dave Urbanski, The Blaze: "U of Missouri's 35 percent drop in freshman enrollment blamed on backlash over student protests"

Local columnist loses tussle with sheriff

Bill Clark, Columbia Daily Tribune: "Ol' Clark has run-in with the law"

Sheriff Dwayne Carey, Boone County Sheriff's Department: "The law has a run-in with Ol' Clark"

Bill Clark, Columbia Daily Tribune: "Clark's response: I made 'a lousy call'"

Charles Westmoreland, Columbia Daily Tribune: "Tribune editor responds to Bill Clark column"

Phony leak, accusations of blackmail: another week on the Trump 'fake news' front

Erik Wemple, The Washington Post: "Rachel Maddow warns media about forged document on Trump-Russia: 'Heads up, everybody'"

Glenn Greenwald, The Intercept: "Rachel Maddow's Exclusive "Scoop" About a Fake NSA Document Raises Several Key Questions"

Jim Stinson, LifeZette: "CNN Tailspin: Network Bungles Response to Blackmail Firestorm"

Maxwell Tani, Business Insider: "The far right is floating conspiracy theories about a CNN reporter who profiled a pro-Trump Reddit user"

Bree McEwan, The Conversation: "CNN-Reddit saga exposes tension between the internet, anonymity and power"

Eli Lake, Bloomberg: "Julian Assange Joins Trump's War on CNN"

Brian Steinberg, Variety: "A Year After Ailes' Ouster, Fox News Soldiers on Amid Tumult and Stays No. 1"

Collective bargaining with Google and Facebook?

David Pierson, Los Angeles Times: "Newspapers want to team up against the 'inexorable threat' from Google and Facebook.  Will the government let them?"

Jim Rutenberg, The New York Times: "Newspapers to Seek Bargaining Rights Against Google and Facebook"

New documentary says old photo shows Amelia Earhart captured by Japanese

History: "Amelia Earhart: The Lost Evidence"

Cleve R. Wootson, Jr., The Washington Post: "Researchers think they know where Amelia Earhart died -- days after a photo suggested she lived"

Clive Irving, The Daily Beast: "Amelia Earhart Captured and Killed? New Evidence Debunks History Channel's Crazy Theory"