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Views Preview: Toddler's Photo Brings Awareness to Syrian Refugee Crisis

Sep 8, 2015

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Images of war are often graphic and gruesome. They evoke personal, emotional reactions – and often we choose not to publish them because of the depths of truth they show. And, sometimes when we do publish them, we can change the course of history. Some are saying the photos of 3-year-old Ayland Kurdi’s body washed up on a Turkish beach could be the next iconic photo to influence public thinking – much like the 1972 image of the girl fleeing a napalm attack in Vietnam.

David Folkenflik, NPR: "Image of dead Syrian child shakes up media coverage of refugee crisis

Ishaan Tharoor, Washington Post: “A dead baby becomes the most tragic symbol yet of the Mediterranean refugee crisis

Liz Sly, Washington Post: “Why I tweeted the photo of the dead Syrian toddler

Susan Ager, National Geographic: "This wouldn't be the first time a child's photo changed history"

James Warren, Poynter: “The limits of photojournalism: What those pictures of the Syrian boy didn’t tell us

Nicholas Kristof, New York Times: “Refugees who could be us

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‘Ferguson Effect’

Monica Davey & Mitch Smith, New York Times: “Murder rates rising sharply in many U.S. cities

Cristian Farias, Huffington Post: “The ‘Ferguson Effect’ isn’t real. And the New York Times shouldn’t act like it might be

Seth H. Greenfield, Simple Justice: “Spreading the lie: The Ferguson Effect

Bruce Frederick, The Marshall Project: “About those rising murder rates: Not so fast

Ta-Nehisi Coates, The Atlantic: “There is no Ferguson Effect

Credit Courtesy Carter County Detention Center

Kim Davis jailed, released

Kentucky clerk Kim Davis has been released from jail after having been found in contempt of court for failing to sign marriage certificates for same-sex couples. Davis said her refusal was out of religious protest.

David Uberti, Columbia Journalism Review: “The media has made Kim Davis a conservative martyr, missing the bigger picture

Joseph Gerth, USA Today: “’Free Kim Davis’: This is just what gay rights groups wanted to avoid

Elisha Fieldstadt, NBC News: “Supporters of jailed Kentucky clerk Kim Davis rally to her defense

Jim Newell, Slate: “Republican presidential candidates and Kim Davis: The GOP field isn’t sure what to say about the jailing of the Kentucky clerk

Jack Mirkinson, Fusion: “Kim Davis’ lawyer compares her to Martin Luther King

Gabriel, Arana, Huffington Post: “Even Fox News can’t defend ‘ridiculously stupid’ argument from Kim Davis’ lawyer

Rudi Keller, Columbia Daily Tribune: “Hawley attacks jailing of Kentucky clerk over refusal to issue marriage licenses

Dentist returns to work

Walter Palmer, a dentist from suburban-Minneapolis, who came to be known as the man who killed Cecil the Lion earlier this summer, has returned to work.


Paul Walsh, Minneapolis Star-Tribune: “Walter Palmer speaks: Lion hunter plans to go back to work

Associated Press: “Dentist who killed Cecil the Lion defends African hunt

‘Amazing Grace’ screening stopped

Aretha Franklin has convinced a judge to issue an injunction to prevent the documentary 'Amazing Grace' from being screened in public.

Eriq Gardner & Matthew Belloni, The Hollywood Reporter: “Aretha Franklin granted injunction to stop Telluride showing of ‘Amazing Grace’

John Wenzel, Denver Post: “Aretha Franklin wins order to stop ‘Amazing Grace’ screenings at Telluride Film Fest tonight, this weekend

Jack Mirkinson, Fusion: “The Aretha Franklin movie Aretha Franklin doesn’t want you to see

Daniel Kreps, Rolling Stone: “Aretha Franklin bans ‘Amazing Grace’ doc screenings

Dominic Patton, Deadline: “Aretha Franklin seeks to stop Telluride ‘Amazing Grace’ screening; is TIFF next?

Brook Barnes and Michael Cieply, New York Times: “Aretha Franklin thwarts screening of documentary featuring concert footage

Brooks Barnes, New York Times: “Women’s films do not tell the whole tale of Telluride

Colbert's return

Stephen Colbert is back, now as the host of The Late Show on CBS.

Dave Itzkoff, New York Times: “Stephen Colbert, the Late Night Hope

Gwilym Mumford, The Guardian: “Anticipation builds as Stephen Colbert ditches his persona for something real

Samantha Rollins, The Week: “A sneak peek at The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

Ben Yakas, Gothamist: “Notes from Thursday’s Late Show With Stephen Colbert test show

Mike Thomas, Chicago Reader: “How Chicago shaped Stephen Colbert

Anna Silman, Salon: “Stephen Colbert takes over ‘The Late Show’ tomorrow: Here’s everything you need to know about his tone and style

Gary Levin, USA Today: “Colbert gets tips from Letterman