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Views Preview: Trump's Media Enablers

Jul 22, 2015

Donald Trump's rise in the polls angers veterans and gives GOP presidential opponents an opening in Iowa.  Have the news media given the real estate mogul too much oxygen?  We'll also look at dangerous drones, a scandal at Gawker (go figure), Ellen Pao's exit from Reddit and the bigger picture behind reaction to Harper Lee's new novel.

Media to Blame for Trump’s Rise?

John Sides, The Washington Post: "Why is Trump surging?  Blame the media"

Ryan Grim and Danny Shea, The Huffington Post: "A Note About Our Coverage of Donald Trump's 'Campaign'"

Art Caplan and Kelly McBride, "Commentary: The Danger of laughing at Donald Trump

Peter Wehner, Commentary Magazine: "Trump Is Toast"

Des Moines Register: "Editorial: Trump should pull the plug on his bloviating side show"

Rush Limbaugh: "Trump Teachable Moment: How Come Liberals Can Savage McCain's Service?"

Dylan Byers, Politico: "Fox News changes plans for GOP forum"

Theodore Schleifer, CNN: "Two weeks, two spots: Republicans aim to debate"

Fighting Fires, Dodging Drones

Kenzi Abou-Sabe, PBS NewsHour: "Comsumer drones interfere with CA firefighting efforts"

Jennifer Medina, The New York Times: "Chasing Video With Drones, Hobbyists Imperil California Firefighting Efforts"

Michael Martinez, Paul Vercammen and Ben Brumfield, CNN: "Above spectacular wildfire on freeway rises new scourge: drones"

Los Angeles Times: "Editorial: Fighting fires -- and drones"

Gawker Editors Quit Over Deleted Story

Gabriel Arana, Huffington Post: "Gawker's Outting of Conde Nast's CFO Is Gay-Shaming, Not Journalism"

Kelly McBride, "Commentary: Gawker crosses line with story on magazine exec"

Peter Stern, Capital New York: "Gawker's Denton: 'This is not the company I built'"

J.K. Trotter, Gawker: "Tommy Craggs and Max Read Are Resigning from Gawker"

Jonathan Mahler, The New York Times: "2 Gawker Editors Resign Over Article's Removal"

Ellen Pao and Reddit: More Than Sexism?

Mike Isaac and David Streitfeld, The New York Times: "It's Silicon Valley 2, Ellen Pao 0: Fighter of Sexism Is Out at Reddit"

Margaret Sullivan, New York Times Public Editor: "Did Reddit Boss Coverage Cross a Line?"

C.T. Rex, HotAir: "Reddit CEO Ellen Pao steps down; usual suspects cry sexism"

Sara Aridi, The Christian Science Monitor: "Ellen Pao's Reddit exit: More than just another case of Internet sexism?"

Go Set a Watchman Confounds Critics

Credit Harper Collins

  Alexandra Alter, The New York Times: "'Go Set a Watchman' Sells More Than 1 Million Copies"

Dara Lind, Vox: "Go Set a Watchman: Why Harper Lee's new book is so controversial"

Sophie Gilbert, The Atlantic: "Go Set a Watchman: What About Scout?"

Scott Timberg, Salon: "Harper Lee's lingering Civil War ghosts: "Go Set a Watchman" is "a very accurage perspective of what's going on here in the South"