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Views Preview: Violent Video Forces Facebook To Answer Tough Questions

Apr 18, 2017

Video posted of a brutal murder in Cleveland forces Facebook to address the question again: is it a media company? What obligation does it have to monitor for criminal or violent content?

Emily Dreyfuss, Wired: “Facebook streams a murder and now must face itself

Benjamin Mullin, Poynter: “Is Facebook a publisher? Murder in Cleveland raises the question again

Catherine Shu, TechCrunch: “Facebook issues statement after murder suspect shares video of shooting in Cleveland

Brian Stelter, CNN: “Murder raises uncomfortable issues for Facebook, other social networks

Justin Osofsky, Facebook: “Community standards and reporting

Mike Isaac & Christopher Mele, New York Times: “A murder posted on Facebook prompts outrage and questions over responsibility

Outing a ‘Survivor’

Zeke Smith, Hollywood Reporter: “’Survivor’ contestant opens up about being outed as transgender (guest column)

Patrick Gomez, People: “Survivor’s Zeke Smith: I can’t forgive Jeff Varner for outing me as transgender

Jennifer Finney Boylan, New York Times: “Outed as transgender on ‘Survivor’ – and in real life

Nick Bond, Chinchilla News: “’The worst thing anyone has done in 34 seasons of Survivor’

Aurelie Corinthios, People: “CBS worked with GLAAD for months before airing episode outing Zeke Smith

Daniel Nussbaum, Breitbart: “’Survivor’ contestant fired from job after outfing fellow player as transgender on tv

Stephanie Petit, People: “Jeff Varner reacts to being fired after outing fellow Survivor contestant as transgender

Ditching ‘FOX’

Adam Vaccaro, Boston Globe: “Channel 25 to drop ‘Fox’ from newscast name

Brandon Carter, The Hill: “Boston station to remove ‘Fox’ from name of newscast

Andrew Blake, Washington Times: “Fox affiliate in Boston announced name change to separate itself from Fox News cable network

Derrick Santos, New England 1: “Fox 25 to ditch ‘FOX’ branding

O'Reilly's Future

Brian Stelter, CNN: "Source: Fox News and Bill O'Reilly talking exit"

Paul Fahri, Washington Post: "Bill O'Reilly's Fox News Future is increasingly in peril"

Gabriel Sherman, New York Magazine: "Sources: The Murdochs are turning against Bill O'Reilly"

A brand so strong…

Sapna Maheshwari, New York Times: “A McDonald’s ad that never mentions the name McDonald’s

Tim Nudd, AdWeek: “Why Mindy Kaling is doing ads for McDonald’s that never mention McDonald’s

John McCarthy, The Drum: “McDonald’s unveils unbranded ads to drive Google searches for ‘that place where Coke tastes so good’

The Fight for ‘Fearless Girl’

CBS News Video: "Wall Street's Charging Bull artist takes issue with Fearless Girl"

Nicole Gelinas, New York Post: “’Fearless Girl’ is setting an arbitrary precedent

David Post, Washington Post: “Have no fear, ‘Fearless Girl’!

Editorial, Crain’s New York: “Fearless Girl is an advertisement. State Street should pay to show it

Jeff John Roberts, Fortune: “Charging Bull vs. Fearless Girl: Why the artist has no case

Christina Cauterucci, Slate: “The Charging Bull sculptor is right. Fearless Girl should go

Ginia Bellafante, New York Times: “The false feminism of ‘Fearless Girl’

Isaac Kaplan, Artsy: “Fearless Girl face-off poses a new question: Does the law protect an artist’s message?

Wayne Everett, Toledo Blade: “Staring down sexism: Fearless Girl should stay

Amanda Marcotte, Salon: “Fearless Girl must go: It’s a tourist attraction and an appealing fantasy – but a terrible symbol for feminism

Andrea Peyser, New York Post: “’Fearless Girl is just an excuse for women to sulk

Keeping visitor logs private

Zeke J. Miller, TIME: “The White House will keep its visitor logs secret”

Steven Nelson, U.S. News and World Report: “Trump won't disclose White House visitor logs, an option sought by Obama and approved by Merrick Garland”

Ali Vitali, NBC News: “White House won’t release visitor logs, cites privacy concerns”

Editorial Board, The Washington Post:  “The public deserves to know who is visiting the White House”

Glenn Thrush, New York Times: “Spicer argues that more public disclosure is unnecessary, even harmful

James Warren, Poynter: “Sean Spicer gives swampy explanation for keeping White House logs secret

Paid maternal leave policies

Melody Kramer, Poynter: “Comparing parental leave policies in American newsrooms