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Views Preview: Why They're Still Debating the Debate

Nov 3, 2015

Credit Courtesy CNBC

A week after the last Republican presidential debate, the candidates and networks are still debating rules and procedures for future debates. What will it take to break the impasse?

David Wiegel and Robert Costa, Washington Post: “GOP contenders demand greater control over crucial debates

Ashley Parker, New York Times: “Rules of next Republican debate are unveiled

Brian Stelter, CNN Money: “’Shell-shocked’ CNBC staffers had long flight home

Kevin Liptak, CNN: "Obama rips into 2016 GOP field, mocks their debate complaint"

Judah Robinson, Huffington Post: “Anderson Cooper calls CNBC debate ‘poorly produced’

Hadas Gold and Kyle Cheney, POLITICO: “RNC suspends partnership with NBC

Alex Isenstadt, POLITICO: “Exclusive: GOP campaigns plot revolt against RNC

Timothy B. Lee, Vox: “NBC’s big fight with the Republican Party, explained

Caitlin Macneal, Talking Points Memo: “Christie: If you can’t handle the debates, then don’t run for president

Reince Priebus, “Letter from RNC Chairman Reince Priebus to NBC News

Erik Wemple, Washington Post: “NBC News fails to tell RNC to kiss off

Solving the SXSW 'Gamergate' problem

Organizers of the South by Southwest conference attempted to squash the controversy following its decision to cancel two 'Gamergate' sessions -- only they only managed to deepen it.

Hugh Forrest, SXSW: “SXSW announces March 12 online harassment summit

Noah Kulwin, Re/Code: “SXSW bungles announcement of ‘Online Harassment Summit,’ and panelists are pulling out

The Open Gaming Society, “[#SavePoint] The Summit

Jessica Condit, Engadget: “SXSW apologizes, launches day-long Online Harassment Summit

Credit Chicago Public Media

'Serial' finds a new home'

When the second season of popular podcast'Serial' starts, it'll have a new home: music streaming site Pandora.

Ross Miller, The Verge: “The next season of Serial will debut simultaneously on Pandora

Tim Westergen, Pandora Blog: “Serial is coming to Pandora

Mesfin Fekadu, Associated Press: “Popular ‘Serial’ podcast to also be available on Pandora

Tyler Falk, Current: “’Serial,’ ‘This American Life’ to appear on Pandora

Brendan Fitzgerald, Columbia Journalism Review: “Serial, Mystery Show, and why listeners want to be in on the investigation

Battle of the Social Network Stars

Kurt Wagner, Re/Code: “Twitter TV commercial is just like Twitter: “Full of content that’s a little hard to follow

Robinson Meyer, The Atlantic: “The Decay of Twitter

Brittany Levine Beckman, Mashable: “New Instagram video viewer takes a swipe at Snapchat and Twitter Moments

ESPN shelves Grantland

Friday, ESPN shuttered the 4-year-old boutique site known for it's in-depth sports feature and pop culture reporting.

ESPN: “Grantland to suspend publishing, ESPN says in statement

Cynthia Littleton, Variety: “ESPN suspends publication of Grantland website

Matt Bonesteel, Washington Post: “ESPN shuts down Grantland, effective immediately

Sam Laird, Mashable: “ESPN pulls the plug on ‘Grantland’ months after Bill Simmons exit

Justin Block, Huffington Post: “ESPN closing Grantland is the dumbest ‘smart’ business decision

Chris Cillizza, Washington Post: “Why Grantland mattered to journalism

Richard Deutsch, Sports Illustrated: “ESPN kills Grantland, leaving its fans and writers in the lurch

Bidding adieu to baseball

Jim Warren, Poynter: “Divided baseball writers will vote on whether to let scribes into their association

Jose de Jesus Ortiz, Houston Chronicle: “We’re Latino. We cover baseball. Can you tell us apart?

Brian Costa, Wall Street Journal: “Why children are abandoning baseball

News & Talk around the clock

A format change for KBIA is a win for mid-Missourians looking for more news and talk.

Michael Lindquist, KOMU-TV: “KBIA transitioning to all-news programming