Voters approve expansion of gun rights with passage of Amendment 5

Aug 5, 2014


Missouri is now legally obligated to protect residents from any attempts to curtail gun rights. Last night, voters approved Amendment 5 which says in part that the right to bear arms is “an unalienable right and that the state government is obligated to uphold that right”. The measure also covers any ammunition or accessories that are typical to the normal function of the weapon.

Supporters said the amendment is important protection for constitutionally guaranteed rights, but opponents of the measure are concerned the language in the bill is too vague, and could lead to problems in the future, especially regarding an exemption for people deemed mentally ill. 

Constitutional party candidate for the state house Cindy Redburn cited unclear ballot language as one of the reasons amendment 5 passed.


I'm not surprised it’s going this way, specifically because of the way the ballot language is worded. It leaves out important information for the voters.

The amendment will not have any effect on current gun laws, but it attempts to block any future legislation from affecting the state.