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Week Two of Special Legislative Session Begins

Sep 12, 2011

Members of the Missouri Senate have returned to Jefferson City to begin week two of the special legislative session.�

By Marshall Griffin (Jefferson City, Mo.)

Among the topics they’re scheduled to debate Monday is the so-called Facebook fix, sponsored by GOP Senator Jane Cunningham of Chesterfield. The bill would remove language she says has caused confusion over what limits there should be over online messaging between teachers and students:

“The language, I believe, will meet the court’s new muster,” she said. “I believe that it will protect students and teachers’ rights, and will give school boards the flexibility to enact and police their own policies.”

The Senate is also scheduled Monday to take up several bills passed by the Missouri House on Friday, including one that would restore local control over the St. Louis Police Department. Tuesday the Senate is scheduled to begin debate on the massive tax credit bill that includes incentives for turning Lambert Airport in St. Louis into an international air cargo hub.