Why veterans have a hard time returning to civilian life | KBIA

Why veterans have a hard time returning to civilian life

Nov 18, 2013

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Last week, Americans across the country took time to celebrate veterans and their contributions to the nation. Here in Columbia, the festivities included a Veterans Day Parade that made its way down 8th Street, ending at the Boone County Courthouse. To mark the occasion, each day since Veteran’s Day KBIA had been airing a variety of personal interviews with soldiers during Morning Edition. The series, which was done in partnership with Storycorps’ Military Voices Initiative and the MU Extension Community Arts Project, will continue through Wednesday.

Today on Intersection we’ll listen to a few of these interviews, and try to get a better understanding of what it’s like to be a veteran returning home, and about military life in general.


Eugene O’Loughlin works for the Missouri Veterans Commission as the Veterans Service Supervisor for Boone County.

Shawn Martin is the acting acting team leader of the Columbia Vet Center.