You Don't Say: 'I think we'll grow together' | KBIA

You Don't Say: 'I think we'll grow together'

Jul 2, 2020

Having grown up in Columbia, Second Missionary Baptist Church Deacon Larry Monroe has seen how the city has changed over the years. He remembers the breaking down of segregation, urban renewal, and the social barriers that still remained while attending Douglass High School.

In this edition of KBIA’s conversation series “You Don’t Say,” Monroe sits down with the City of Columbia’s James Whitt. Whitt first learned about the Sharp End business district from Monroe in Monroe’s Sunday School class at Second Baptist Church. Whitt was inspired by the history and now works to preserve its legacy through the Sharp End Heritage Committee.

In this conversation, Whitt and Monroe talk about memories of growing up in Columbia - the best, the worst, and what Columbia might look like in the future.

The conversation begins with one of Deacon Monroe’s fondest memories: playing on the football team at Douglass High School.

You Don’t Say is a special project commissioned by the City of Columbia’s bicentennial Como200 task force. It’s co-produced by the Sharp End Heritage Committee and KBIA.