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One of the most significant takeaways from present-day race conversations is the role that women play in the dialogue, says MU History Assistant Professor Dr. Keona Ervin.

Ervin is the author of “Gateway to Equality: Black Women and the Struggle for Economic Justice in St. Louis.” She recently joined MU graduate Tiana Glass with The Green Duck Lounge playwright Michelle Tyrene Johnson at KBIA studios for a conversation on the impact of female voices in the movements for racial equality. 

Meiying Wu

KANSAS CITY- The life of a little-known Civil Rights leader in Kansas City is more important now than ever, according to ACLU of Kansas Director Micah Kubic and Kansas City Star Reporter Glenn Rice.


Kubic and Rice joined The Green Duck Lounge Playwright Michelle Tyrene Johnson at KCUR in Kansas City to discuss the impact of Leon Jordan, a Kansas City politician and activist who was assassinated in 1970. Jordan founded the black local political organization (LPO) Freedom, Inc., and his story is at the center of the Green Duck Lounge play, opening this week on MU campus.

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Today on Intersection, we're exploring some of the fascinating cultural events in Columbia this month. We hear about journalism meeting civil rights history and theater in The Green Duck Lounge, the major international photography competition POYi, and get some insider views on True/False films. 


Being a black student at MU, or any majority-white campus or institution, isn’t easy, but the culture is slowly changing for the better. That’s the takeaway from a recent in-studio conversation with MU Education professor Adrian Clifton and Law professor S. David Mitchell.

Both Clifton and Mitchell work on the frontlines to improve the education experience for African-American students, and they joined The Green Duck Lounge playwright Michelle Tyrene Johnson at KBIA recently as part of a podcast for the project, designed to promote awareness and dialogue about Missouri’s civil rights history and current activism.

Today guest host James Mouser visits with MARY BETH MING about the continued effort by the Columbia King's Daughters & Sons to provide dental aide to low-income children attending Columbia Public Schools. In order to raise the necessary funds, they're putting on a benefit concert next Tuesday at First Baptist Church. Watch for details! At [5:48] director CLAIRE SYLER and actor HARVEY WILLIAMS invite everyone to come see the world premiere of "The Green Duck Lounge" this weekend at the Rhynsburger Theatre in Columbia. The story, by Kansas City-based playwright Michelle Tyrene Johnson, explores the real-life murder of civil rights activist Leon Jordan, and similarities between the #BlackLivesMatter movement and the Civil Rights movement of the 1960s. February 20, 2018