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Each week, our host Janet Saidi sits down with community members to discuss issues concerning mid-Missourians. From politics, to local art to social issues, anything that generates good conversations and affects our community is on the table.

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Intersection: Law enforcement and racial bias

Oct 3, 2011

According to a report released by the Missouri Attorney General, black drivers were more likely than people of any other race to be stopped by Columbia Police. A coalition of groups recently convened the first in a series of public meetings designed to address the issue. But what steps could law enforcement agencies take to reduce the effects of bias? And how well might they work?


A month into the job, Columbia's new city manager discusses his recent State of the City report, his priorities for the coming year, and his views on parking garages, tax incentives, development, economic growth, infrastructure, public spending, Columbia Regional Airport, and more.

Intersection: Police Tactics and Procedures

Jul 19, 2010

What needs to be done -- by law enforcement and by citizens -- to encourage positive interactions between the police and the diverse members of the community? How should the police handle difficult arrests? And what is Columbia doing to train its officers in these areas? Key figures involved in police and citizen relations discuss these questions and more.