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Find out more about Columbia's Climate Action and Adaptation Plan from two local experts during tomorrow's 'Lunch and Learn' event, hosted by the League of Women Voters! BARBARA HOPPE says questions from the audience are encouraged and will be addressed by the guest speakers. Also, 'Marisol' director XIOMARA CORNEJO stops by to talk about this "incredibly poetic and hopeful" show that begins a nine performance run this Thursday, April 15, online-only, produced by the MU Theatre Department. (3:52) April 12, 2021

'The Foolish Corner' author JOHN HOWE sums up 'hindsight bias' in these eight words: oh, I knew that was going to happen. Find out how your uncanny ability to predict the past can affect your future stock portfolio, both good and bad, and the ways in which you can keep yourself from doing it anymore. April 9, 2021

The Food Bank for Central and Northeast Missouri communication and marketing manager SETH WOLFMEYER is here in place of Lindsay Lopez today, but he brings with him that same important message of the need for community support in order to meet the demand of those who are food insecure in our area, especially during a pandemic. April 8, 2021

Back in the day, GARY WUNDER had no problem understanding television thanks to the way TV shows were produced. He says, "When Gilligan's Island was on and...somebody got popped on the head, you knew that it was Gilligan and the Skipper was giving him a hard time." Today's programming tends to lean more on special effects to tell stories, and so something called 'Descriptive Video Service' is available to help those who are sight-impaired enjoy online and over-the-air entertainment. April 7, 2021

Jefferson City Art Club's annual Adult Fine Art Exhibit is now underway at Capital Arts Gallery. FRED SCHOLLMEYER invites enthusiasts of both professional and amateur art to stop by and check out this year's selection - some of which is for sale! Also, April is Child Abuse Awareness Month. Heart of Missouri CASA's KELLY HILL is here to talk about the need for more volunteers and to share some statistics about child abuse in our area. (4:02) April 6, 2021

Native plant specialist for Lincoln University, NADIA NAVARRETE-TINDALL, is leading a four-week 'Native Plant Academy' throughout the month of May, and you're invited! This online-only workshop will be divided into four categories ranging from an introduction to native plants to principles of native plant garden design. Classes will be in both English and Spanish. April 5, 2021

Today is Good Friday, Sunday is Easter. That means local storyteller LARRY BROWN is here with a non-secular, original tale about a box he calls 'Jubliee'. April 2, 2021

The City of Columbia is making it real easy to plant a native tree in honor of Arbor Day (April 30) this weekend - you just have to get there early! BARBARA BUFFALOE has details. April 1, 2021

Newly-christened Love Columbia executive director JANE WILLIAMS is here to talk about the name change and how this 13-year-old local non-profit stepped up to help those in our community when the pandemic first hit. March 31, 2021

If you thought turning 30 meant Coyote Hill Christian Children's Home would be slowing down, think again! Chief development officer KARI HOPKINS is here to tell us about their latest program, a way to make your favorite childhood memories someone in foster care's favorite childhood memories. Also, Mobility Worldwide's JEFF MORAN introduces us to a man in Kenya who is the recipient of a three-wheeled, hand-operated cart courtesy of Radio Friends! (4:06) March 30, 2021

Children's Grove wants to create a lasting impact on your child and their views on kindness. Throughout the month of April, a.k.a. Kindness Month, KIM DUDE-LAMMY invites children of all ages to participate in a number of easy and fun activities that they can do on their own time! Also, meet author/blogger/mom-of-three MELANIE STUDER. She's written a new book titled, 'College Bound: The Ultimate List of Conversations to Help Your Teen Through High School'. (3:58) March 29, 2021

The vaccine rollout has been good news for everyone and everything - even the stock market is happy; as ALEX LaBRUNERIE tells us, it's "hitting new records" thanks to the slowly rebounding travel industry, among other sectors. But what about the companies that developed the vaccines? The news there may surprise you. March 26, 2021

This year's True/False Film Festival is guaranteed to be one like no other, that's according to STACIE POTTINGER, who showed up to show off an arial view of Stephens Lake Park (the location of this year's fest)! Also, MARVIN BYAS IV is here to promote his new theatre venture: The Farnham & Byas Playhouse. When asked what makes this theatre unique, Marvin said, "we're trying to break the notion that theatres are meant to be museums." (4:21) March 25, 2021

If there's anyone who can put the 'fun' in funerals, it's author JOE DILLARD. While wearing a three-piece black suit, Joe shares with us two funeral-related anecdotes from his book, 'A Full Cup of Joe: Refilled with New Stories'! March 24, 2021

"We have to remember that what fuels this crime is the demand."

Stop Human Trafficking Coalition of Central Missouri advocate NANETTE WARD encourages everyone to become a member of the coalition. The fee you pay to be a member supports a trafficked survivor's needs like prescription medicine or phone services they can't otherwise afford. March 23, 2021

Family dentists PHILIP BATSON and ELIZABETH ABE, DDS, tackle the all-too-common para-functional habit known as bruxism (a.k.a. teeth grinding): who does it, why, and ways to help quit. March 22, 2021

Balance issues? Try OsteoStrong! Owner DAYNA GLANZ says, "77% of our members are noticing five weeks." Also, MU Theatre Department's JOY POWELL invites everyone to the annual 'Chancellor's Arts Showcase' tomorrow night on the MU campus. This year you can celebrate the arts at Mizzou from the comfort of your own car - both live and pre-recorded performances will be featured. (4:23) March 19, 2021

Memory Day is going to look a little different this year. Alzheimer's Association volunteer LOIS LONG tells us instead of the usual trek to the Capitol to meet with select legislators, any and all meet-ups will take place online, and the focus will be on HB10 and its impact on continued support for caregivers. Lois shares an original titled, 'First, the Bud' at [1:16]. March 18, 2021

Happy St. Patrick's Day 2021, everyone! Local singer/songwriter/storyteller LARRY BROWN joins us for a pint or two and to maybe share a story or two. Okay, for sure one story. And no pints - this is a morning show, after all. Today's story is a traditional Irish tale titled, 'The Radiant Boy'. March 17, 2021

The State Historical Society of Missouri is leaving up its exhibit at Ellis Library titled, 'Historic Images of Black Families: Representation, Identity and Diversity', through early May. Don't miss this opportunity to take an up-close look at late-19th/early-20th century photographs and illustrations from the likes of Thomas Nast ('Emancipation of Negroes', which JOAN STACK has brought with her)! March 16, 2021

You may not think that someone, for example, with a drug addiction (who's seeking help) has much in common with someone with a gaming addiction (who's also seeking help), but SMART Recovery's SUZANNE OPPERMAN says actually both parties, however far apart, have the same opportunity to make the decision to stop their dependency: "it's a choice." March 15, 2021

Missouri's first poet laureate, WALTER BARGEN, has written another book! 'You Wounded Miracle' features 60 poems alongside 60 photographs, including 'List Beyond the Stars' [4:34] and 'A Line from Dogen' [6:32], which he reads on today's show. March 12, 2021

Asking any one person to save the environment is a big ask, but such a request is not impossible. LINDA GODWIN's advice? Take it one step at a time. "I think it's important not to be overwhelmed by the list of what you can do, and pick something that works for you, like maybe drive less." March 11, 2021

In 2021, ANDREW GRABAU says Heart of Missouri United Way will "make investments around making sure our kids are ready for kindergarten, to make sure that our third-graders are reading at a proficient level, to make sure that our kids can begin middle school (and successfully complete middle school), and then graduate from high school." But how? March 10, 2021

March is National Nutrition Month, and so CARY SKELTON, RDN, LD, is putting us to the test with a little game of 'fact or fiction'. How much do you really know about your food and/or your body - find out! March 9, 2021

Columbia Foster and Adoption Project president KATHRYN O'HAGAN is asking for your help in filling their "I Belong" baskets with supplies, both comfort items and essentials (for the kiddos) are needed. These baskets are then given to new foster families to help them get started. Also, an optimistic ROB CROUSE tells us about the planned spring and summer season at Capital City Productions! Did somebody say 'Oliver!'? (3:43) March 8, 2021

NASA's mission control center may be full of human beings, but what they're witnessing in outer space wouldn't be possible without the help of artificial intelligence. For instance, did you know 2 gigabytes of data is received here on earth every 10 minutes? SCOTT CHRISTIANSON says it's up to AI to "comb through all that data" because it's something that a human "can't process." March 5, 2021

What happens to our kidneys if we're overweight, obese or morbidly obese? The answer is two-fold, according to DR. SMRITA DORAIRAJAN, nephrology specialist at Truman Veterans' Hospital. Directly-speaking, it means your kidneys have to work "overtime" to clear out the body's toxins; indirectly-speaking, it means your kidneys are on clean-up duty from any number of problems that may occur from having a high BMI. March 4, 2021

TRYPS executive artistic director JILL WOMACK is crossing her fingers that only good news comes her way this summer! For one thing, there's the move to the new location at Columbia Mall; and then there's the hope of returning to in-person classes in July. Also, League of Women Voters president MARILYN McLEOD is gearing up for the April election and wants you to do so as well! Find out what's on the ballot and get details about an online school board candidate forum later this month. (3:58) March 3, 2021

The City of Columbia's annual Climate Action and Adaptation Report is out, and the news is pretty good! Office of Sustainability manager BARBARA BUFFALOE tells us that, according to the report, "we have reduced - since we started measuring - closer to 6% of our [global] greenhouse gas emissions." March 2, 2021