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Author REBECCA MURRAY's book, 'The Little Plastic Angel', is the story of Annie, a plastic angel who dreams of one day sitting atop a family's Christmas tree. Will she make it there before December 25th? Also, TRENT RASH and KIRK TREVOR invite everyone to the 9th annual Symphony of Toys, a family-friendly holiday-themed concert this Sunday at the Missouri Theatre in Columbia. Proceeds benefit U.S. Marines Toys for Tots. (3:45) December 10, 2019

DR. MAGGIE CARDONELL, MU Health Care, tells us about the grand opening of an eye clinic with an emphasis on pediatric ophthalmology. Also, author ELISHA WELLS STROUPE never expected to be a 'desperate farmwife', but since she is, she might as well write a book about it! (3:30) December 9, 2019

"It's a different way of looking at history." Make plans to visit phase 2 of the State Historical Society of Missouri's year-long exhibit featuring WWII cartoons by Pulitzer Prize-winning cartoonist Daniel Fitzpatrick beginning tomorrow, appropriately enough, at the Center for Missouri Studies in Columbia. Guest: JOAN STACK  December 6, 2019

The Arrow Rock Lyceum Theatre is keeping the 'A Christmas Carol' tradition going by opening this holiday standard once again December 12. Even after six years, artistic director QUIN GRESHAM says each year is different than the last; he says this year expect some new supernatural effects! Additional guest: AMY WILDER | Also, Voluntary Action Center executive director NICK FOSTER is still in need of help from the community. 952 households will receive services this year, but technically not all of those families are sponsored at this time (yes, even at this late date). If you're interested in adopting a family this Christmas, call or log on today! (3:10) December 5, 2019

'Last Train to Nibroc' director CHRISTOPHER GOULD tells us about this "intimate" show, which features themes of love and class prejudice (among others). Curtain goes up tomorrow night and stays there until December 15 at Columbia Entertainment Company. Additional guest: KATIE HAYS | Also, SHARON KINDEN wants to see everyone at 'Meet Me at the Manger' this Friday and Saturday at Campus Lutheran Church in Columbia! The items on display, while not for sale, will surely get you in the holiday spirit. (4:32) December 4, 2019

Four homes are featured on this year's annual Holiday Home Tour, a fundraiser for The Missouri Symphony happening this weekend in Columbia! MARYLOU FERRIERI and ARLENE HEINS tell us a little bit about each home and who benefits from the money raised. Also, TODD DAVISON and BRANCE CORNELIUS invite everyone to make the short drive to Macon to see 'Every Christmas Story Ever Told (And Then Some)', running December 4-15! The audience is just as much a part of the direction of the show as is the script (or lack thereof). (3:34) December 3, 2019

Kick off your holiday season at 'Home for the Holidays', a musical extravaganza featuring all local talent, including the Boone County Hams! Creator MELISSA BOHON-WEBEL says it'll be fun for the whole family; 'Hams' leader CHUCK BAY says it'll be very, very good. Tickets are on sale now! They perform 'Let It Snow' at [1:45] and 'Mary, Did You Know' at [4:30]. December 2, 2019

Guest TERRY OVERFELT describes 'Blue Christmas', a special service next Tuesday at Columbia's Broadway Christian Church (featuring harpist MARIA TREVOR), as a "ceremony of healing that will wed music and grief for healing's sake." Maria performs twice on the harp: at [1:54] and again at [4:33]. Additional guest: MARK BRILEY | November 29, 2019

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! We're joined by local storyteller LARRY BROWN, who's donning his professor/storyteller hat in order to tell us the story of 'Tisquantum, the Last of the Patuxet' [1:04]. November 28, 2019

Signing up to ring that bell just got a little easier thanks to a new website from The Salvation Army, and MAJOR JACK HOLLOWAY says volunteers are still in demand. Remember The Salvation Army's services are needed year-round, not just at Christmas! Also, CHRISTINE SEITZ invites everyone to Show-Me Opera's performance of 'Amahl and the Night Visitors' next Saturday in Columbia. She says this will be a collaborative event with music by the Columbia Civic Orchestra. (4:15) November 27, 2019

Did you know that Missouri ranks among the top 10 states in terms of lung cancer cases diagnosed each year? Why? DR. JUSSUF KAIFI, MU Health Care, says because of Missouri's high smoking rate (we're ranked there, too). Early screening is key to survival! Also, ROB CROUSE invites everyone to see 'Plaid Tidings' at Capital City Productions in Jefferson City. "Family fun for everybody!" (4:51) November 26, 2019

If you're looking to change your eating habits (maybe after the holidays), it's best to have a registered dietitian by your side. But how do you find someone who knows what's right for you? JEAN HOWARD, RD, LD, Missouri Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, has some advice! Also, LINDA SCHUST says Columbia's Jabberwocky Studios is starting their own "inclusive" theater program with a performance of 'Elf Jr.' next month. In addition to that, JONATHAN VERDEJO wants to teach your kids how to DJ! (4:16) November 25, 2019

The end of the year is fast approaching. LaBrunerie Financial president ALEX LaBRUNERIE says if you want to make a QCD using your RMD, you can take it from your IRA, tax-free! Confused? Click the play button to decode Alex's alphabet soup of investing. November 22, 2019

You have until December 7 to make any changes to your Part D and Medicare Advantage plans. Unsure of the first step? Unsure of the step after that? SCOTT MINIEA and his team at CLAIM are here to provide you with any unbiased advice you may need. Also, our regular cameraperson (and occasional director) GRACE VANCE steps in front of the camera to share some delicious Thanksgiving recipes for the vegan in your family. (3:56) November 21, 2019

Infiltronics Environmental co-founders GINNY and KATE TRAUTH tell us about a stormwater management project they're working on at Rock Bridge State Park. November 20, 2019

This Thursday is 'Live United Day' in mid-Missouri. ANDREW GRABAU says "it is absolutely essential for us as a community to work together, to be together and to support one another if we are all going to have the same opportunities to succeed in our community. We have to live united!" November 19, 2019

You've heard it before and it's true: what day you book and how early you book your airfare matters! Consumer expert MEL ZELENAK tells us about the 'prime booking window': what it is, how it works and how much money you can save. November 18, 2019

"When an emergency comes, please call 911 and we'll fix the heart; but on a day-to-day basis, how to help ourselves, I think practicing five minutes of silence in the morning, again five more minutes in the evening, will do a whole host of benefits for the body, mind and spirit." -- DR. ANAND CHOCKALINGAM, cardiovascular disease specialist at MU Health Care  November 15, 2019

Fall Into Art is celebrating its 10th anniversary this weekend at Parkade Center in Columbia. Come for the crafts, stay for the silent auction benefitting The Food Bank for Central and Northeast Missouri! The gourd on our set, a "cat lover's delight," was painted by guest MELYNDA LOTVEN and will be for sale at the show. Also, Greenhouse Theatre Project is closing out its 8th season with an 'anti-breakout room'. ELIZABETH PALMIERI tells us about this "immersive art installation experience" happening next week at Breakout CoMo. (3:46) November 14, 2019

Creepy or helpful? That's the question we raise during our discussion about technology's way of storing information about its user with AI enthusiast and University of Missouri assistant professor SCOTT CHRISTIANSON. November 13, 2019

Protect yourself and those around you: get a flu shot! That's the takeaway from our conversation with MU Health Care's DR. CHRISTELLE ILBOUDO. Also, MARILYN McLEOD invites everyone to three upcoming events sponsored by the League of Women Voters, the first of which is TODAY at noon at the Columbia Public Library. Next week: Charlie Chaplin dressed as woman. (4:12) November 12, 2019

Your kids are gonna love this: TRYPS presents 'Frozen Jr.' this weekend at Launer Auditorium on the Columbia College campus. Artistic director JILL WOMACK says this show was purposely moved away from Stephens College's smaller Warehouse Theatre to accommodate all the little Elsas's and Anna's who won't want to miss this show! Also, Carpet One Floor and Home's SCOTT BRADLEY brought self-adhesive planks. This idea for maybe an accent wall in your home is "better than paneling." (5:02) November 11, 2019

Show-Me Opera director CHRISTINE SEITZ invites everyone to 'Sextets and Other Encounters', an evening of various opera scenes next weekend at the Rhynsburger Theatre in Columbia. DAVID PELINO and MARQUES RUFF perform the Act I duet from Bizet's 'The Pearlfishers' at [3:20]. November 8, 2019

"Just wanted a little help with my children's Christmas so I don't get behind on my bills." Voluntary Action Center's NICK FOSTER shares a couple of "statements of need," or stories of why VAC's holiday program is the answer to a number of families' seasonal shortcomings. Also, the man who wrote Ronald Reagan's famous Berlin Wall speech ("...tear down this wall") will be in Fulton TONIGHT, and you're invited! National Churchill Museum curator TIM RILEY says it's all in honor of the demise of the wall's 30th anniversary. (4:50) November 7, 2019

Towels, crafts, greeting cards, scarves, runners, clothing, pins, jewelry...the list goes on for the number of homemade items for sale at this weekend's 30th annual Columbia Weavers & Spinners' Guild Holiday Exhibition at the Boone County History & Culture Center in Columbia! Guest: ANN McGINITY | Also, tomorrow marks day one of KBIA's Fall Fund Drive! General manager MIKE DUNN says money raised pays for the programming you listen to every day. (4:24) November 6, 2019

Empower Missouri is a 100 year-old non-profit that advocates for "basic needs and basic fairness." Volunteer CHRIS GUINTHER invites everyone to their annual conference this Saturday in Columbia, the focus of which will be on hunger issues in Missouri. Also, KRISTIN BOWEN and MARGARET BOOKER will be 'busting myths' about gun safety at the next Moms Demand Action monthly meeting at the Columbia Public Library! (4:23) November 5, 2019

World Kindness Day is November 13! KIM DUDE tells us how Children's Grove plans to celebrate the day and honor the late Darwin Hindman - former Columbia mayor - at the same time. Also, University of Missouri Veterinary Health Center's CB CHASTAIN wants you to be aware of a few things if you're feeding your dog food from "boutique" companies. (4:47) November 4, 2019

How do you know when it's time to take the keys away from someone whose symptoms of Alzheimer's/dementia are progressing? Among other reasons, LOIS LONG says when the person forgets where they're going, or when they make choices that are unsafe to themselves and other drivers. Lois reads an original poem titled 'Today' at [6:12]. November 1, 2019

It's Halloween, and who better to get us into the spirit of things than storyteller LARRY BROWN! He shares an original story called 'Dream Snatchers' [0:37]. October 31, 2019

Don't miss your chance to see 'Thomas Hart Benton: The Complete Editioned Lithographs, Installment One' going on now through November 16 at the new Center for Missouri Studies in Columbia! Guest: JOAN STACK  October 30, 2019