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Three Broke Mice

Three Broke Mice is a show for and by Millennials that explores money issues, economic topics and cultural phenomena. Episodes are hosted and produced by Kara Tabor.

In this episode of Three Broke Mice, we’re navigating our way into the complex and increasingly profitable world of the emoji. If you’re not familiar with the concept, they’re colorful icons—from funny faces to food to symbols—loved by smartphone and social media users the world over.


Welcome to Episode 1 of our summer season. This show is the Getting Your$elf Together checklist, for those recent grads and young professionals in the audience working on starting their careers. We cover navigating the job hunt, settling into your new workplace, creating an impact in your office and making adult life work.

During our last episode, we spoke with with Zach Heath, an MU MBA student, entrepreneur, and cancer warrior. Listen to Part 2 of the chat as Three Broke Mice's Siyu Lei and Kara Tabor and KBIA's Becky Smith talk with Zach about what it’s like to be an young adult and fighting the good fight against cancer.

Young people have a tendency to feel like nothing can stop them, that they are invincible. When you're full of energy and passion, that's not a hard thing to do. But even for the strongest and most determined Millennials, sometimes you have to be a warrior for your wellbeing.  Zach Heath, a University of Missouri MBA student and an entrepreneur launching his own medical company, knows this fact to be true. On top of being a student and startup founder, he’s also a stage-four colon cancer patient. In this episode, we speak with Zach about his fight for his startup and his health.

Three Broke Mice: Food, Funds and the Variables on the Side

Mar 21, 2016

Going by our culture's obsession with culinary delights, cooking shows, and social media documentation of drool-worth meals, it's easy to say that food plays a pretty substantial part in many people's lives beyond plain nourishment. On this episode, the Broke Mice dig into the subject of quality food, its meaning to society and its costs. As usual, there's even a dash of cultural crossover thrown in to taste. 

Three Broke Mice: Phones, Apps and Security

Mar 2, 2016

Welcome to Business Beat’s new podcast, Three Broke Mice! TBM is a show for and by Snake People that explores money issues, economic topics and cultural phenomena. Listen as hosts Bita Eghbali, Siyu Lei and Kara Tabor delve into topics surrounding smartphones, apps and the impact that their security has on daily life. Subtopics include the war of the music streaming services, experiencing the cash-less "cruise control" offered by apps like Uber and Mint, and the security and privacy questions surrounding Apple’s refusal to unlock devices for the Department of Justice.