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Under The Microscope: October 21, 2010

Edamame, ed-a-mommy, eda who? Listen to a feature from Harvest Public Media on edamame production in the Midwest. Also, a first-person narrative about a failed attempt to see Missouri’s greatest birding spectacle.

Hosted By Rebecca Wolfson (Columbia, MO)

First, soybeans are Missouri’s No. 1 cash crop, but the state’s 35,000 soybean farmers haven’t yet tapped into a quickly growing soybean market, Edamame. As Harvest Public Media’s Rick Frederickson reports, this Asian-style vegetable could provide a new niche market for Midwestern farmers. 

Then, on “Call of the Wild,” up to a million swallows stop for a couple of weeks in a specific Missouri cornfield during their southern migration.  Edge Wade is an avid birder in Columbia. She journeys to the spot each year to view the phenomenon.