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Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services confirms seven cases of E. Coli

The State Department of Health and Senior Services has now confirmed seven cases of E. coli infection. 

The number of E. Coli infections has increased from five to seven confirmed cases, according to state health department spokesperson Gena Terlizzi. “These are bacterial infections in residents in Boone, Cooper, Howard and Camden counties in Missouri," Terlizzi said.  "This is an increase from the previous numbers we’ve released. These cases have been confirmed in laboratory testing.”

Three of the seven cases were in Boone County, with one requiring hospitalization. Two were from Cooper, and Howard and Camden counties each had one. Columbia and Boone County Health Department spokesperson Genalee Alexander says all three of the Boone County patients had consumed raw milk in the past two weeks.                                    

“While the common link between these three is raw dairy products, there are a lot of that someone can get E coli. And as I mentioned, there are a lot of ways to protect yourself as well,” Alexander said. 

She recommends people thoroughly wash their fruits and vegetables, cook meat thoroughly, avoid drinking unpasteurized juice and dairy products and to always wash their hands.

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