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How the challenges women face in the tech industry can change


Women make up around 29% of the technology workforce nationally. Only 18 % of technology degrees were earned by women in 2012, which is down from 35% in 1985.

On today's  we On this Intersection, we took an in-depth look at what makes up the technology field, why women are not as interested in this occupation, the challenges they face when they are interested and how to get young girls educated in this subject matter. 

Guests: CeiliCornelison - Web application developer in Columbia, MO 

Skype-in guest Anitha Raj

Fang Wang - Assistant Teaching Professor of Computer Science at the University of Missouri 

Guest Fang Wang

Skyping in: Anitha Raj - Communications Director of Women in Technology National Organization 

Guest Ceili Cornelison

By Phone: Carlotta Berry - Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology 

Carlotta Berry

Cheryl Schrader - Chancellor of Missouri University of Science and Technology  

Cheryl Schrader

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Ryan served as the KBIA News Director from February 2011 to September 2023