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Views of the News Preview: Putin cracks down on news media

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KBIA / Missouri School of Journalism
KBIA / Missouri School of Journalism
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Russian President Vladimir Putin has cracked down on journalists, threatening up to 15 years imprisonment for the reporting of ‘false information.’ What effect is this having on reporting of that nation’s invasion of Ukraine.

Jon Allsop, Columbia Journalism Review: “The Putin regime obliterates press freedom

Joshua Benton, Nieman Lab: “’An information dark age’: Russia’s new ‘fake news’ law has outlawed most independent journalism there

Tom Jones, Poynter: “The grim consequences of Russia’s media blackout

Elahe Izadi & Sarah Ellison, Washington Post: “Russia’s independent media, long under siege, teeters under new Putin crackdown

Anton Troianovski, New York Times: “Russia takes censorship to new extremes, stifling war coverage

Oliver Darcy, CNN: “CNN, BBC, and others suspend broadcasting from Russia after Putin signs law limiting press

Charlotte Klein, Vanity Fair: “Thousands arrested in Russia as protestors defy Putin’s latest crackdown on free speech

Scott Nover, Quartz: “The Russian internet is a casualty of war

Inside Ukraine

Lisa Abend, Time: “What it’s like for Ukrainian journalists reporting on the war in their country

Ann Cooper, Nieman Lab: “Fighting for a free press in Ukraine – and beyond

Caroline Vakil, The Hill: “WaPo removes bylines to protect reporters amid Russia’s new media law

Moving into Week 3

Malaka Gharib, NPR: “Not every war gets the same coverage as Russia’s invasion – and that has consequences

Richard Prince, Journal-isms: “The racial subtext on Ukraine

‘Absolute Power’

Graeme Wood, The Atlantic: “Absolute Power

Karen Attiah, Washington Post: “Opinion: The Atlantic’s elevation of MBS is an insult to journalism

Tom Jones, Poynter: “When and how should journalists interview autocrats?

Graeme Wood, The Atlantic: “Of course journalists should interview autocrats

Journalists as brands

Elizabeth Spiers: “Do journalists need to be brands?

Sarah Scire, Nieman Lab: “’Sounds like a well-trained liar’: Journalists lose some credibility by calling themselves ‘storytellers’

Mark Coddington & Seth Lewis, RQ1: “Should journalists call themselves ‘storytellers?

Brain Calfano, Jeffrey Layne Blevins & Alexis Straka, Journal of Broadcasting & Electronic Media: “Bad impressions: How journalists as ‘storytellers’ diminish public confidence in media

Natural hair on air

Amaris Castillo, Poynter: “For Black women journalists, wearing #NaturalHairOnAir is a point of pride and resistance

Angelina Edwards, Columbia Missourian: “’Keep is straight’: Legislation would be one step in combating hair discrimination

Associated Press: “Missouri House votes to ban hair discrimination in schools

Senate Bill No. 994 | House Bill No. 2373

AMY SIMONS teaches news literacy, multimedia journalism and advanced social media strategies.