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Views of the News Preview: Loophole in Texas law blocking journalists in Uvalde

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KBIA / Reynolds Journalism Institute
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Amaris Costillo, Poynter: “’They keep threatening to arrest us.’ The obstacles facing local news in Uvalde

Jon Allsop, Columbia Journalism Review: “The tale of two amendments in Uvalde

Michael W. Drudge, San Antonio Express-News: “Commentary: Journalists under threat in Uvalde

Matt Grant, KXAN: “’Dead suspect loophole’ could be used to block release of Uvalde records

David Martin Davies, NPR: “In Texas, a legal loophole may block access to Uvalde shooting records

Parker Higgins, Freedom of the Press Foundation: “Exploiting tragedy: Police in Uvalde and Buffalo clamp down on free press

Erin McGroarty, Poynter: “How police treatment of journalists at protests has shifted from cohabitation to animosity

January 6 Hearings
Margaret Sullivan, Washington Post: “The Jan. 6 hearing was horrifying. It also gave me hope.

Jeremy Peters, New York Times: “Who is the former TV news chief helping the Jan. 6 Committee?

Joe Ferullo, The Hill: “With gravitas and grace, Liz Cheney ‘anchored’ Jan. 6 Committee hearing

John Koblin, New York Times: “At least 20 million watched Jan. 6 hearing

Edward Helmore, The Guardian: “Fox News will air January 6 hearings, reflecting split between news and hosts

Chris Stirewalt, The Dispatch: “The January 6 Committee and Me

Matt Gertz, Media Matters for America: “Chris Stirewalt’s testimony implicitly condemned his former Fox colleagues

Margaret Sulllivan, Washington Post: “Chris Stirewalt lost his job at Fox News. But he knows he was right.

Twitter: January 6thCommittee

Working (or not) at WaPo

Erik Wemple, Washington Post: “Opinion: Taylor Lorenz said an editor was to blame. Is that okay?

Joseph A. Wulfsohn, Fox News: “Questions remain as Taylor Lorenz blames editor, ‘bad faith campaign’ over erroneous WaPo report

Taylor Lorenz, Washington Post: “Who won the Depp-Heard trial? Content creators that went all in.

Lydia O’Connor, HuffPost: “The Washington Post fires reporter who criticized paper’s leadership

Katie Robertson, New York Times: “Reporter Felicia Sonmez is fired by the Washington Post

Issac J. Bailey, Nieman Reports: “Felicia Sonmez’s firing highlights the limits of progress for women in newsrooms

Australian paper outs actress

Andrew Hornery, Sydney Morning Herald: “Rebel starts spreading the news of relationship

Andrew Hornery, Sydney Morning Herald: “I made mistakes over Rebel Wilson, and will learn from them

Amanda Meade, The Guardian: “’Our reputation is trashed’: anonymous staffer criticizes SMH management over Rebel Wilson coverage’”

Zoe Williams, The Guardian: “A journalist trying to out Rebel Wilson was like something from the sordid 80s. Thankfully, the world has changed

Mathew Rodriguez, Them: “An Australian newspaper threatened to out Rebel Wilson

Jaclyn Peiser, Washington Post: “Newspaper apologizes to Rebel Wilson over plans to out her relationship

Nick Romano, Entertainment Weekly: “Rebel Wilson addresses ‘outing’ controversy with Australian paper: ‘It was a very hard situation’

Frances Mao, BBC: “Rebel Wilson: Australian paper offers apology but denies outing actress

Jim Waterson, The Guardian: “Columnist apologises after being accused of trying to our Rebel Wilson

Tory Shepherd, The Guardian: “Whoopi Goldberg joins international backlash over Sydney Morning Herald’s treatment of Rebel Wilson

Covering up negative sports coverage

Robert Feder, Daily Herald: “White Sox, Cubs networks squander credibility with suspicious editing

AMY SIMONS teaches news literacy, multimedia journalism and advanced social media strategies.