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Views of the News Preview: Tumult hits Twitter

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Kate Conger, Mike Isaac, Ryan Mac & Tiffany Hsu, New York Times: “Two weeks of chaos: Inside Elon Musk’s takeover of Twitter

Casey Newton & Zoë Schiffer, Platformer: “Inside the Twitter meltdown

Roger Cheng, CNET: “Elon Musk’s Twitter meltdown is the new greatest show on earth

Adrienne LaFrance, The Atlantic: “So much for comedy on Twitter

Ryan Mac, Benjamin Mullin, Kate Conger & Mike Isaac, New York Times: “A verifiable mess: Twitter users create havoc by impersonating brands

JR Hennessey, The Guardian: “New Twitter boss Elon Musk is the dog that caught the car – with all the journos in the back seat

Lydia Polgreen, New York Times: “If you want to understand how dangerous Elon Musk is, look outside America

Oliver Darcy, CNN: “Elon Musk’s Twitter faces its ‘Titanic’ moment as executives and advertisers flee while trolls run rampant

David Klepper, Associated Press: “Research shows tweets with racial slurs have soared since Elon Musk took over

Joseph Menn, Cat Zakrzewski, Faiz Siddiqui, Nitasha Tiku & Drew Harwell, Washington Post: “Twitter’s content moderation head quits as departures alarm the FTC

Politfact: “Politifact: Is Elon Musk under federal investigation? Here’s what we know

Al Tompkins, Poynter: “The fake tweet about free insulin sweeps the internet

Drew Harwell, Washington Post: “A fake tweet sparked panic at Eli Lilly and may hav cost Twitter millions

Tom Warren, The Verge: “This Chrome extension tells you who paid for Twitter’s blue checkmark

Raquel Maria Dillon & Mary Yang, NPR: “Some Twitter users flying the coop hope Mastadon will be a safe landing

Emma Bubola, New York Times: “Twitter users, sensing the end of an era, confess their secrets

Tech company layoffs

Sarah Scire, Nieman Lab: “Meta’s layoffs make it official: Facebook is ready to part ways with the news

Frank Pallotta, CNN: “Jeff Bezos hints he’s buying the Washington Commanders: “’We’ll have to wait and see

Karen Weise, New York Times: “Amazon is said to plan to lay off thousands of employees

Jack Mirkinson, Discourse Blog: “This is not journalism

Mid-term elections

Jeremy W. Peters, New York Times: “Murdoch’s news outlets extend their criticism of Trump.

Tom Jones, Poynter: “Opinion: How should the media cover Donald Trump now?

Dominick Mastrangelo, The Hill: “Fox News faces post-midterm choice between Trump, DeSantis

Erik Wemple, Washington Post: “What happened to the Democrats’ ‘messaging crisis’?

Ohio journalist arrested

Freedom of the Press Foundation: “Ohio authorities ignore Supreme Court to arrest journalist

U.S. Press Freedom Tracker: “Ohio editor charged with wiretapping after publishing obtained court recording

Committee to Protect Journalists: “CPJ alarmed by wiretapping charges against Ohio newspaper editor

Staff, The Sciotto Valley Guardian: “Guardian’s editor charged with wiretapping after writing story on Wagner trial

Getting ready for the World Cup

Sara Guaglione, Digiday: “How Bleacher Report is using animation to differentiate its World Cup coverage

NBC Sports Group: “Telemundo surrounds FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 with most ambitious coverage and production ever

Tariq Panja, New York Times: “Qatar World Cup faces new edict: Hide the beer

Wakanda Forever

Frank Pallotta, CNN: “’Wakanda Forever’ aims to recreate blockbuster magic. Disney and theaters are counting on it

A Martínez & Glen Weldon, NPR: “’Wakanda Forever’ hopes to replicate the success of ‘Black Panther’

Marisa Dellatto, Forbes: “’Black Panther: Wakanda Forever’ ranks No. 1 in opening weekend – and second-biggest this year

Albert Samaha, BuzzFeed News: “’Black Panther: Wakanda Forever’ review: Not as good as the first but still moving

AMY SIMONS teaches news literacy, multimedia journalism and advanced social media strategies.