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Views of the News Preview: Threats to Freedom of Information

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KBIA / Reynolds Journalism Institute
KBIA / Reynolds Journalism Institute
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Jason Hancock, Missouri Independent: “Bill carving some legislative records out of Missouri Sunshine Law advances in Senate

Editorial Board, St. Louis Post Dispatch: “Editorial: On Sunshine Law, Missouri lawmakers would undo what voters have mandated

Ryan Pivoney, News Tribune: “Missouri lawmakers looking to alter state’s Sunshine Law

Senate Bill 174

Registering with the state

Sam Sachs, WFLA TV: “Florida bill would require bloggers who write about governor to register with the state

Jacob Ogles, Florida Politics: “Jason Brodeur wants pay-to-play blog posts about elected officials reported with the state

Christina Maas, Reclaim the Net: “Florida bill would require bloggers to register with the state to write about elected officials

Editorial Board, Washington Post: “Florida is trying to take away the American right to speak freely

Dareh Gregorian, NBC: “Florida bill would require bloggers who write about the governor and legislators to register with the state

Jon Brodkin, Ars Technica: “Florida bill would make bloggers who write about governor register with state

Kyle Pope, Columbia Journalism Review: “Florida’s blueprint for America’s media

Conflict of Interest
Ben Smith, Semafor: “Conflict of interest at The Post

Chatbots Influence Felt

Gina Chua, Semafor: “How chatbots can change journalism. Or not.

Sarah Scire, Nieman Lab: “Wired tells readers what it will use generative AI for – and what’s off-limits

Mark Sweney, The Guardian: “Mirror and Express owner publishes first articles written using AI

Emily Bell, The Guardian: “A fake news frenzy: Why ChatGPT could be disastrous for truth in journalism

Emma Roth, The Verge: “Meet the companies trying to keep up with ChatGPT

David Karpf, Nieman Lab: “Those meddling kids! The reverse Scooby-Doo theory of tech innovation comes with excuses baked in

Pranshu Verma, Washington Post: “They thought loved ones were calling for help. It was all a scam.

Our advice to Gen Z… Keep reading!

Staff, Poynter: “A majority of millennials and Gen Zers pay for news, study finds

Kalley Hwang & Sheera Frenkel, New York Times: “A Gen Z mystery: My Instagram posts keep showing up on Facebook!

AMY SIMONS teaches news literacy, multimedia journalism and advanced social media strategies.