2014 april municipal election

Fulton passes sewer upgrade bond

Apr 9, 2014

Fulton residents may see cleaner water soon. Residents yesterday voted in favor of a $13 million bond to upgrade its sewer system. The wastewater treatment facility was built in 1987 and is in need of mandatory improvements according to the Environmental Protection Agency and the Missouri Department of Natural Resources. According to the city’s website, the improvements comprise of new headworks, a new aeration system and an ultraviolet light for disinfection. The city has already begun the process of improving the facility.

Columbia School District bond passes

Apr 9, 2014

Columbia residents voted to approve the school board's $50 million bond issue on Tuesday, April 8.

The bond passed with 63.5 percent approval, coming in with just over 7,000 votes.

Superintendent Chris Belcher celebrated the bond's passing alongside winning school board members Helen Wade and Jonathan Sessions at Bleu Restaurant.

Belcher said he was very pleased with the community's support for the board's ten-year facilities plan.

Boone County residents approve $14 million bond

Apr 9, 2014

The Boone County Fire Protection District will be able to renovate stations and purchase much-needed equipment after Boone County residents passed a $14 million bond issue on Tuesday by an unofficial 72% vote.

The $14 million bond will be paid off over a maximum of 20 years.  It includes a 25-cent increase per 100 dollars of assessed valuation on personal property taxes and real estate property taxes over the first ten years. On the last ten years of the bond, the tax hike decreases to 10-cents per 100 dollars of assessed valuation.

Ginny Chadwick wins Columbia City Council’s First Ward

Apr 9, 2014
ginny chadwick
Jack Howard / KBIA

University of Missouri graduate student Ginny Chadwick won Columbia city council’s first ward seat. She hosted a watch party at Trey Bistro.

Photo courtesy Tyree Byndom, via Facebook.

COLUMBIA—Tyree Byndom, the first American Bah’i to run for political office wrapped up election night in a surprising way. Byndom was joined by many friends and family at The Heidelberg awaiting election results.

Byndom is an untraditional candidate because he says through his faith he seeks to avoid contention and that prevented him from participating in many candidacy events.

On April 8th KBIA's news team was with local election candidates, capturing triumph, defeat, and a proposal. 

Below are unofficial results of tonight's election. These results are as reported by the County Clerk, but are not yet considered certified results.

Janet Saidi / KBIA

Mid-Missourians headed out to the polls today to cast their votes on school board, city council, and mayoral candidates and a range of issues on ballots in the municipal elections.

KBIA's news team captured some of the sights and sounds on election day in this edition of Talking Politics, hosted by Kate Grumke.

Voters to decide bond issues in Centralia, Fulton

Apr 8, 2014
Marjie Kennedy / Flickr


Across Missouri voting has been underway since 6 this morning. Some ballots include school bonds, others have city council races or mayoral races, including Columbia, Centralia, Holts Summit and Fulton.

Patt Olsen is the director of the Centralia Public Library and says the library has exhausted its reserves and is asking for a 25 cent tax levy in addition to the existing 30 cent tax levy. This means that on a $100,000 assessed home, the taxpayers would pay just under $50 every year to keep the library operating at its current capacity.

Boone County residents head to the election polls

Apr 8, 2014
Sullivan Fox / KBIA

Mid-Missouri residents are heading to the voting polls today, deciding on a range of issues on the ballot from education and developments across Columbia to tax additions that would fund a library in Centralia.

While today's municipal election are not as motivating for voters as a Presidential or Congressional primary election, county officials are hoping to get between 18,000 and 19,000 voters by the end of the day, though they did say that less may come because there isn't much on the ballot.

Join us for KBIA's live election coverage. Check back for the latest as Mid-Mo heads to the polls. 

9:01pm With 7/7 precincts reporting  it looks to be Ginny Chadwick  Ward 1 for Columbia City Council

Municipal elections are Tuesday, and there are a few education issues on the ballot. Paul Cushing, Jonathan Sessions, Joseph Toepke and Helen Wade are the four candidates running for three spots on the Columbia school board. Voters in Hallsville and Sturgeon face similar races for their school boards, and in Ashland, eight candidates are running for three vacant school board seats. The Harrisburg school district is asking for a $2 million bond issue for security and technology improvements.

Håkan Dahlström / Flickr

Voters will decide Tuesday if Columbia schools will be moving forward with construction or re-evaluating their plans for the future.

Boone County Fire Department logo
File Photo / KBIA

Boone County’s Fire Protection District is requesting a $14 million bond issue on this April’s ballot in hopes of acquiring funds to purchase new fire trucks and renovate several fire stations.  

vote here sign
KBIA file photo

Boone County voters will decide on Proposition 2 on Tuesday.  The passing of the bond would grant the Harrisburg school district $2 million.  

Missouri Capitol
Kristofor Husted / KBIA

 This week on Talking Politics, there are three candidates running for the First Ward Columbia City Council seat. Bill Easley, Ginny Chadwick and Tyree Byndom will be on the April 8 ballot.

Also on the show, a freshman state representative from St. Louis County wants to make the high five the official greeting of Missouri.

Boone County Fire Protection District officials will ask voters to approve a bond issue during the general municipal election this April.

Battalion Chief Gale Blomenkamp says half of the proposed $14 million bond would be spent on apparatus and equipment. The other half would go toward improving the fire district’s facilities. Voters passed a 12-year bond issue for the Fire District in 1998. After paying off that bond in 2009, the board of directors considered extending the bond issue, but decided not to do so due to the poor state of the economy.

Byndom making Baha’i history with City Council run

Feb 11, 2014
Photo courtesy Tyree Byndom, via Facebook.

This story was originally published on Columbia Faith & Values (ColumbiaFAVS.com).

Tyree Byndom’s decision to jump in to the City Council race for the First Ward representative spot involved serious prayer. There was the typical prayer seeking God’s guidance. After hearing “yes” coming from that place deep in his spirit, Byndom had to receive sanction from leaders of his faith tradition.