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Truman Veterans' Hospital staff cardiologist DR. ANAND CHOCKALINGAM has written a new book! 'Seeking Hunger: How Food Shapes Our Thinking, Health and Destiny' stems from Dr. Chockalingam's belief that "our body, our mind, our psyche, our society has...been shaped and motivated by hunger" since the dawn of mankind. January 4, 2021

The affects of COVID-19 on those with dementia (and their caregivers) who have been living in isolation since early 2020 are wide-ranging. Advocate/volunteer LOIS LONG offers this piece of advice for the next time you pay that person a (socially-distant) visit: go in with good attitude. It's what's called "melodic therapy," and Lois has seen it work first-hand. You'll make their day! January 1, 2021

Since 2013, Columbia Daily Tribune publisher emeritus Hank Waters has always been our final guest of the year. Hank died over the summer, leaving behind a legacy that won't soon be forgotten. Taking his place on this New Year's Eve is 'Notes from Boomerang Creek' columnist - and longtime friend of the show - CATHY SALTER. December 31, 2020

"The story of our economy in 2020 is one of great disruption, of great loss for so many people... To get the whole economy healed again in 2021, we need that vaccine, and the scientists have really come through for us." -- ALEX LaBRUNERIE, LaBrunerie Financial  December 30, 2020

The holiday season continues, but as we enter the new year and Christmas trees come down, consider giving one more gift – to nature.



Re-using cut Christmas trees can provide great habitat for fish, birds and other wildlife.  


Strip your tree of ornaments and consider placing it in a pond. By attaching a rock or other anchor to your tree you can help fish populations by creating natural cover for them… and possibly a new fishing spot for you.  


The shame; the guilt. For those in recovery, the holiday season - and all that comes with it - can be overwhelming, and sometimes even triggering. SUZANNE OPPERMAN, SMART Recovery, tells us how we as hosts, as family members, as friends, can make sure that those with an addiction problem feel comfortable in what is to most a normal, festive setting. December 29, 2020

Today is day three of Kwanzaa, the African-American celebration that begins on December 26 and ends on January 1. The theme this year is, 'Kwanzaa and the Well-Being of the World: Living and Uplifting the Seven Principles'. Guest: YVONNE MATTHEWS, Lincoln University  December 28, 2020

Merry Christmas, everyone! Our guest today is storyteller LARRY BROWN. He shares with us an original story titled, 'Wanda Hand and Opossum'. December 25, 2020

We dipped into the archives to bring you this holiday clip show featuring music from Cathy Barton and Dave Para [4:35], Simpatico [2:19] and Talking Horse Productions [7:33]! December 24, 2020

Now that most leaves have fallen from Missouri’s trees, look for the smooth, white limbs of a giant rising over streams and river banks: Discover Nature this week with the American Sycamore (Platanus occidentalis). 

A living sentinel of our streams, sycamores provide year-round food and shelter for river wildlife. 

All-day snacking can be "detrimental' to the health of your teeth. Why? Because it takes about a half-hour for your mouth to return to a neutral pH level (a good thing). If you're always eating, it can't get back to that "healthier state." Guests: DRS. PHILIP BATSON and ELIZABETH ABE, Columbia Healthy Smiles  December 23, 2020

While never easy, it's especially difficult to lose a loved one during the holiday season, a time of year inherently filled with an expectation of happiness. End-of-life doula MICKEY HAVENER is here with tips on how to cope, starting with taking care of yourself. December 22, 2020

If it's good enough for the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, it's good enough for your home - that's what I always say! What are we talking about? Eco-friendly cork flooring from Carpet One Floor and Home, of course. Guest: SCOTT BRADLEY | Also, MU professor and author SAMUEL OTTEN tells us about his new children's book, 'Missing Letters: An Alphabet Book'. (4:33) December 21, 2020

Here's an idea: show someone you care this holiday season by making a donation in their name to a worthwhile organization. A gesture like that can impact many and involves no new stuff around the house (or worse yet, in the landfill)! Guest: BARBARA BUFFALOE, City of Columbia Office of Sustainability  December 18, 2020

Did you know there are more than 200 species of woodpeckers in the world? This week on Discover Nature, look and listen for the seven species that call Missouri home.



Hairy, downy, pileated, and red-bellied woodpeckers live in Missouri year-round, while the migratory northern flickers, red-headed woodpeckers, and yellow-bellied sapsuckers are temporary residents of the Show-Me state. 


Special adaptations help woodpeckers climb and drum on trees: 


"United Way is really proud of being to complete the circle from when someone makes a gift to making sure that we can connect it to a need, and result in a stronger and better community." -- ANDREW GRABAU, Heart of Missouri United Way executive director  December 17, 2020

It's the middle of December and The Salvation Army's Red Kettle campaign is well underway. MAJOR CURTISS HARTLEY gives us an update on how collections are progressing, and if you haven't made your donation yet (and you're able to), this is your gentle reminder to do so! Also, DAYNA GLANZ takes us back to the beginning, telling us why she decided to open OsteoStrong Columbia. (4:18) December 16, 2020

As if we needed another reason to love author JOE DILLARD, on today's show he tells us about the financial commitment he's made, based on the sale of his books, to Relay For Life. Joe shares a brand new story, "The Case of the Missing Garbage Can", at [5:30]. December 15, 2020

The Food Bank for Central and Northeast Missouri is hosting their annual 'One for One Holiday Food Drive' this Wednesday in both Columbia and Jefferson City! Development officer KALEI HOLDER tells us why - this year especially - everyone who can should consider making a monetary or canned-food donation. December 14, 2020

Help The Spay Neuter Project executive director JANEENE JOHNSTON reach her goal of (at least) 140 neuter surgeries during the month of December! It's all part of their annual - and quite popular - promotion, the 'Nutcracker Special'. Also, APRIL ROTHWEILER, Stop Human Trafficking Coalition of Central Missouri, wants everyone to purchase slave-free products this holiday season. Find out what to look for while you're out shopping. (3:52) December 11, 2020

"You have to catch it very early on. So, every patient who has Type 1 diabetes of over five years duration and, at the time of diagnosis, of Type 2 diabetes...they should have annual urine test, as well as a blood test to test their kidney function." DR. SMRITA DORAIRAJAN, Truman Veterans' Hospital, on the duration and severity of diabetes as it relates to your kidneys  December 10, 2020

Sure, they may be unsightly during the winter months, but that's no reason to clean up the native plants around your house. Native plant specialist NADIA NAVARRETE-TINDALL says leaving them alone will benefit the birds and insects that are still making their home in your backyard. We take a closer look at dittany, aster and goldenrod. December 9, 2020

Over the river and through the woods… whether out for a hike, or on the hunt for your next Christmas tree, Discover Nature this week, and watch for Missouri’s Eastern red-cedars.

Eastern red-cedar trees are not true cedars – they actually belong to the juniper genus of the cypress family. True cedars belong to the cedrus genus in the pine family.

Nonetheless, these aromatic evergreens offer food and cover for birds and wildlife, often providing windbreaks and wildlife corridors in cemeteries, farmyards, and neighborhoods.

Even a worldwide pandemic can't stop the Missouri Symphony League's annual Holiday Home Tour fundraiser, but it can change it a bit! JULIE MIDDLETON tells us about this year's now-online showcase event. Also, JILL WOMACK invites you to join the '21 Club' - it's easy and it'll help support TRYPS' move from the Stephens College campus to a brand new home. (3:46) December 8, 2020

History buffs take note: JOAN STACK, Curator of Art Collections at The State Historical Society of Missouri, is hosting a Zoom presentation tomorrow, December 8, in which she will tell the story of World War II by way of 42 editorial cartoons from the St. Louis Post Dispatch. "This is how Missourians learned about WWII." December 7, 2020

Just because the election is over doesn't mean the League of Women Voters is slowing down. MARILYN McLEOD joins us with details on this month's 'Lunch and Learn'; plus, she reveals who will be taking home this year's Outstanding Citizen Award! Also, CHERYL BREWER looks back on 75 years of the Columbia Mothersingers! (4:28) December 4, 2020

Be mindful of what you're eating and when you're eating and you'll be just fine this holiday season. KRISTEN EIFFERT, PhD, RD, LD, Missouri Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, says average weight gain is only 1-2 lbs, so if you thought it was more, hooray, have another piece of pie! (Just kidding.) Also, C.B. CHASTAIN, professor emeritus at MU Veterinary Health Center, is back with a few helpful hints to keep Fluffy and Fido safe this holiday season! (4:31) December 3, 2020

On a crisp Missouri night, take a walk in the woods and listen for the sultry calls of courting owls. 

Long-entwined in human history and folklore, science has stripped away superstitions that once connected these birds to witchcraft and death.  Instead, we now recognize the unique role they play in controlling populations of mice, rats, and snakes. 

The topic of today's visit with 'The Foolish Corner' author JOHN HOWE is what's known as "availability bias." Did you know diabetes is four times more likely to kill people than accidents, and asthma is twenty times more likely to kill people than tornadoes? Probably not. The reason we get these "relative importances" wrong is because of the way they're covered in the media. Find out how it relates personal finance! December 2, 2020

It all started 30 years ago at a Ramada Inn in Jefferson City. Before talking about the 2021 version of 'The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas', Capital City Productions founder ROB CROUSE takes us back to the 1990 version. "We have come a long way!" Also, SCOTT MINIEA from Missouri CLAIM is back with information (and a personal story) about Part D (the prescription drug plan that ends next week). (4:22) December 1, 2020