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The State Historical Society of Missouri's Columbia headquarters is back open with new safety procedures in place so that everyone can enjoy, worry-free, a new exhibit featuring cartoons that document the final years WWII. JOAN STACK highlights one in particular, 'V for Thanksgiving', which ran in the St. Louis Post Dispatch back in 1945. August 14, 2020

The Missouri Symphony's annual garage sale is moving to a live online auction format this year - and with "higher-end items" - according to executive director TRENT RASH. Proceeds benefit The Missouri Symphony League, which support music education in our community. Also, dietitian JENNIFER BEAN has a solution (not 'the' solution) for those tired of cooking at home: kebabs! Get pro tips and ideas for ingredients you might otherwise overlook. (4:07) August 13, 2020

Get to know husband and wife dentists DR. PHILIP BATSON and DR. ELIZABETH ABE from Columbia Health Smiles! They take us behind the scenes of their new office safety procedures in the wake of COVID-19. Dr. Abe says for the patient, fortunately their visit should feel "pretty normal." August 12, 2020

This week on Discover Nature, find a spot to escape the summer heat in a pond or pool of a cool stream, and you may find one of the largest wildflowers in Missouri.


Hairy rose mallow (Hibiscus lasiocarpos) produces flowers that resemble hibiscus, with five white- or rose-colored, papery petals, and a central wine-purple spot. The tall, perennial herb sometimes develops woody stalks and can grow to eight-feet in height. 


As an end-of-life doula, MICKEY HAVENER strongly supports the idea of an advance directive. If you're not familiar with the concept, it's like a will, only this comes into play while you're still alive; in a sense, an advance directive will speak for you when you cannot. August 11, 2020

Capital City Productions opens 'Billy Elliot: The Musical' with a cast of 25 this Thursday in Jefferson City! Director LAURA VEDENHAUPT says if for no other reason, come to hear the music by Elton John. Also, DAYNA GLANZ talks about the reopening of OsteoStrong Columbia and the new procedures in place to make visitors feel safe and comfortable. (3:29) August 10, 2020

"T.C. provided the car. It was one of those low-slung, sporty-looking vehicles; it was a little cramped for five teenage boys, but the kind of car it was made it fun."

No, today isn't a holiday, but that didn't stop us from inviting local storyteller LARRY BROWN to stop by to tell us an original summertime-themed story he calls 'One August Day'. August 7, 2020

It goes without saying that to be a caregiver for someone with dementia is a privilege, but that doesn't make the job any easier. Sometimes a caregiver needs a caregiver, or at least a support group, and that's what longtime advocate/volunteer LOIS LONG is here to talk about. August 6, 2020

It's a bit of a process, but Voluntary Action Center is available to help those who are struggling to pay their rent. That program, the rent assistance program, is just one of many VAC has to help cushion the stumble many are taking because of the coronavirus pandemic. Guest: NICK FOSTER August 5, 2020

This week on Discover Nature, watch – and listen – for a tiny, feathered pollinator that sings with its wings.


Ruby throated hummingbirds (Archilochus colubris) display metallic green feathers on their upper backs, and males sport a ruby red patch at their throat. 


Common across Missouri from April to October, other hummingbirds who nested farther north have already begun their fall migration and are arriving in Missouri – making now a great time to see their numbers peak here. 


Less money = less services. It's a hard reality facing many non-profits during this ongoing pandemic, and the Boys and Girls Clubs of Columbia is no exception. In their case, less money = serving less kids, and at a time when they "need us more now than ever," according to executive director VALORIE LIVINGSTON. August 4, 2020

Nobody goes it alone. The key to a successful first step in starting a small business is knowing where to find resources, resources, resources. Trulaske College of Business assistant teaching professor SCOTT CHRISTIANSON is hoping next week's virtual conference will put entrepreneurs in touch with each other and with local organizations who can help along the way. August 3, 2020

Indie Rock Goddess joins Colin to discuss her musical journey, vulnerability in the creative process, and why Bernie is her bro. 

Director of academic affairs KATHRYN FISHMAN-WEAVER tells us about Mizzou Academy's approach to online learning, which is a mixture of both traditional and innovative ideas that serve 8,000 students in 40+ countries and 44 states. July 31, 2020

Truman Veterans' Hospital staff cardiologist DR. ANAND CHOCKALINGAM makes his case for intermittent fasting as a way to combat our nation's ever-growing obesity problem by suggesting (those healthy enough try) a meditative process he calls 'hunger-based gratitude experience', or HUGE. July 30, 2020

Former KOMU sports director and Tiger Radio Network analyst CHRIS GERVINO joins us for an everything conversation that will most-certainly put a smile on your face. July 29, 2020

If you’ve stepped out to enjoy the night air lately, you’ve likely noticed a loud newcomer to the chorus of night sounds.  This week on Discover Nature, listen for the nocturnal chorus of katydids.



Close relatives of grasshoppers, many species of katydids call Missouri home – each with very different characteristics. 


The northern, or common true katydid has long, slender legs, and large veined wings resembling green leaves, although a genetic mutation causes some specimens to appear pink. 


Maplewood Barn Theatre is "playing it safe" with their production of 'Once Upon a Mattress'. One way in which they're doing so, according to director/choreographer MARVIN BYAS IV, is with special blocking that keeps the actors apart while they perform. Marvin tells us the feel of the show is much more recital than typical musical. Also, SCOTT BRADLEY, Carpet One Floor & Home general manager, has an environmentally-friendly product idea for that flooring project you're working on: marmoleum! (4:41) July 28, 2020

Capital City Productions is bringing 'Cats' to its Jefferson City-based stage for a limited run beginning this Thursday! Actress JANA BOTT tells us what songs will be included in this cabaret-style production that's been adapted from the full stage musical. Also, Missouri Nurses Association advocate SUZANNE OPPERMAN has a message for the more than 124,000 nurses in Missouri: get out and vote! (4:24) July 27, 2020

The City of Columbia's dedication to preserving and restoring 'roadside pollinators' - native plants that grow alongside the road that attract monarch butterflies that are often mowed over - is a "long-term investment for ourselves, for our future generations and for the environment." Guest: BARBARA BUFFALOE, City of Columbia sustainability manager July 24, 2020

LaBrunerie Financial president ALEX LaBRUNERIE breaks down the June job numbers, which he calls "progress in the right direction." Alex also follows up on a conversation we had earlier this year about Tesla's stock performance, which is now worth more than legacy companies like Coca-Cola. July 23, 2020

"I would assure everyone that if you have a need, even for the first time, there are so many dedicated people out there who want to help, and they will do that in a way that is respectful and will make you feel at ease, so please take advantage of those resources." -- LINDSAY LOPEZ, executive director of The Food Bank for Central and Northeast Missouri, responding to the COVID-19 pandemic July 22, 2020

As summer heat settles into Missouri, forage the forest floor for a culinary treat.


This week on Discover Nature, search for chanterelle mushrooms fruiting in the woods. 


Chanterelles are funnel- or trumpet-shaped and have wavy cap-edges.  Usually orange or yellow in color, with a fruity fragrance when fresh. 


Chanterelles do not have true gills under the caps, such as those found on the poisonous, but similar-looking jack-o’-lantern mushrooms, which are sharp-edged and knifelike. 


There's a popular saying: "the show must go on," and that applies even during a pandemic! MU Theatre Department's JOY POWELL tells us how they've adapted their summer season in these unfamiliar times. 'So Near, So Far' opens tomorrow night! July 21, 2020

"All told, United Way provides over 2 million dollars annually in strengthening the non-profit sector, because we know that if they are strong, then the services that they provide are strong, which means that donations to support United Way are going to help more individuals." -- ANDREW GRABAU, Heart of Missouri United Way executive director July 20, 2020

If you haven't been to the new Center for Missouri Studies - the headquarters for the State Historical Society of Missouri - well, don't come right now. (It's temporarily closed thanks to COVID-19.) Instead, JOAN STACK invites you to watch a virtual tour she's produced that can be found online for free! Plus, Joan talks about a recent article in Missouri Life magazine that features artwork found in her collection. July 17, 2020

Local columnist KEN MIDKIFF recently wrote an op-ed in the Columbia Missourian about a very timely topic: the removal of statues across the country. On today's show, we talk about Ken's article: what he learned while writing it and what he hopes will be people's takeaway after reading it. July 16, 2020

Discover nature this week along Missouri streams and bottomland woods, and listen for the low, harsh vocalizations of great blue herons.  


Herons nest in colonies – or rookeries – near water. These rookeries can contain hundreds of bulky stick nests which may be used over multiple years.


Herons are mostly monogamous during a season, and each pair incubates 3-to-6 eggs.  In mid-July, fledgling herons begin to leave the nest, learning to fly and feed themselves. 


Modesty aside, those sharing recipes to The Common Ingredient, a community-based website featuring those who know their way around the kitchen, does read like a 'who's-who' of Columbia (full disclosure: yours truly is one of them). Co-founder CATHY SALTER is back to solicit more participants, and to remind us that if you enjoy one of the featured recipes, maybe donate to one of three designated local non-profits. It's easy! July 15, 2020

You don't need a pond or a lake to enjoy native wetland plants in your own backyard! Lincoln University's native plant specialist, NADIA NAVARRETE-TINDALL, tells us how it can be done and what plants will work best - some of which are edible! July 14, 2020