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2019 is almost here! Financial expert and retired University of Missouri professor MEL ZELENAK tells us how we can kick-off the new year with a little extra green in our pockets. December 3, 2018

Back in September, Love INC raised $83,000 by sending 63 willing participants "over the edge" of Columbia's Tiger Hotel, including yours truly! JANE WILLIAMS and MIKE DeSANTIS, both from Love INC, share stories from that day, tell us how that money will be spent and if they're planning to do it again next year. November 30, 2018 BONUS SEGMENT: Local folk musicians CATHY BARTON and DAVE PARA perform the original version of "Jingle Bells" on guitar and banjo. They're having a special Christmas concert this Sunday in Arrow Rock! (6:07)

Voluntary Action Center's NICK FOSTER gives us an update on their annual adopt-a-family holiday program. If interested, it's not too late to sign up; in fact, Nick says they've been "busier than before, of late" with requests from families in need. Also, NANCY GRIGGS tells us about this year's Holiday Home Tour, an annual fundraiser for the Missouri Symphony Orchestra and Conservatory. Four homes, three days, one weekend only - don't miss it! (5:31) November 29, 2018

This week on discover nature, voles (also called meadow mice) are busily working under snow and soil.

Voles, often confused with moles and shrews, are more mouse-like: small, stocky brown rodents with short tails, small ears, and a blunt, rounded snout. 

Three species of voles call Missouri home: prairie voles and woodland voles reside statewide, while the meadow vole only inhabits the northern part of the state. 

Voles build runway systems above- and belowground, and they construct nests of woven grasses and other materials.

Curtains-Up Columbia via Facebook

Darren Hellwege talks with Dana Naylor and Molly Dodge of Curtains-Up Columbia about their holiday show, a comedy murder mystery called "Deck The Halls For Murder." 

You can find out more here:

The Boonslick Chordbusters' annual Christmas concert is this Saturday at the Missouri Theatre in Columbia! They'll be joined by Take Four, a ladies quartet, as well as the Lee Expressive Arts choir and, of course, the Boone County Hams. Today, the Hams perform "Joseph's Lullaby," (1:00) and "Joy to the World" (7:30). November 28, 2018

BARBARA BUFFALOE talks about the City of Columbia Office of Sustainability's 'Climate Action Community Forum', happening tomorrow at City Hall. Let your voice be heard as the city drafts its own climate action and adaptation plan! November 27, 2018

DR. BEN HANSEN, Missouri Orthopaedic Institute, says the best way to continue living a healthy and productive life with arthritis is to "keep moving." Also, HANNAH REEVES invites everyone to stop by Sager | Braudis Gallery beginning December 7th to see the annual Masters Exhibit. The theme this year is "mid-century abstraction." (5:09) November 26, 2018

World-renowned magician/illusionist MARIO MANZINI tells us that his new autobiography, "Escape from the Mob: The Mario Manzini Story," is on track to become a major motion picture in the very near future! Also, MELISSA BOHON-WEBEL's talent showcase "Home for the Holidays," a life-long dream in the making, opens next Thursday at Launer Auditorium on the Columbia College campus. (4:12) November 23, 2018

"Caitlin stormed into the house. She was so upset. She just came in, threw her backpack down, went right to her mother in the living room and said 'I'm not celebrating Thanksgiving'." -- the opening lines of LARRY BROWN's story called "The Feast" November 22, 2018

This week on Discover Nature, take a moment to admire and appreciate Missouri’s many gifts from nature.


Picture the vast geography of our state, as avian migrations pass over our prairies and plains, Ozark forests, big river systems, and marshy lowlands. 

Each ecoregion supporting its own array of animal and plant species that have constituted our state’s natural heritage from long before settlers set foot on Missouri soil. 

MARIA TREVOR performs three pieces of music on the harp: "In the Bleak Midwinter" (1:55); "I Wonder As I Wander" (4:44); and "What Child Is This?" (7:25). 'Harp and Healing', her monthly program at Broadway Christian Church in Columbia, returns next week with a Christmas theme. Additional guest: TERRY OVERFELT   November 21, 2018

I was scrolling through my Instagram feed last year when I saw them: photo after photo of my POC friends' Thanksgiving tables, decked out with not just turkey and stuffing, but the traditional dishes of their culture.

One Korean family served bright red radish kimchi; an Egyptian family prepared dozens of stuffed grape leaves; and one Taiwanese family included takeout mapo tofu — probably a potluck addition from a guest.

Carpet One Floor and Home's SCOTT BRADLEY introduces us to Ditra-Heat, a relatively-new way to keep your tile temperature warm on cold winter days! Also, TODD DAVISON re-introduces us to the always-hilarious 'Church Basement Ladies'. They're back on the Maples Rep stage in "Away in the Basement" this weekend and next! (4:32) November 20, 2018

Research shows that during the holidays, people tend to under-report their bad habits - like eating - and over-report their good habits - like exercise - to both friends and family alike. This is what's known as your "social desirabilty bias." To help put things in perspective, author JOHN HOWE, 'The Foolish Corner', joins us with a few ideas on how to curb these common sense tendencies that we've all been guilty of at one time or another in our life. November 19, 2018

Kinder Institute, University of Missouri

Darren Hellwege visits with Ethics & Public Policy Center analyst Henry Olsen and Georgetown University historian andDissent editor Michael Kazin on the topic of political and historical populism. The two spoke on the University of Missouri campus in an event sponsored by the Kinder Institute. 

Before reading "How to Spell Muskogee," an original poem from his new book, "My Other Mother's Red Mercedes," author/poet WALTER BARGEN tells us about two appearances in Ashland and Columbia next month that you won't want to miss! November 16, 2018

Dietitian LeANN ROBLEY, Central Missouri Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, tells us why we should be consuming both plant protein and animal protein in our daily diet. She says one benefit of plant protein is that it doesn't contain cholesterol. Also, ALEX GEORGE talks about all things 'Unbound'! Columbia's popular (and ever-growing!) book festival will return next April with keynote speaker author George Saunders. (4:32) November 15, 2018

MAR DOERING, DVM, All Paws Medical and Behavioral Center, shares tips on how to prepare your pet should someone in your household be coming home from the hospital to recover from an illness or an injury. November 14, 2018

This week on Discover Nature, set up bird-feeding stations to help keep feathered friends fed through the cold season.

To keep warm in frigid weather, birds must feed almost constantly. A drop of twenty degrees can double their metabolic rate. So, keeping food available can be especially important, and rewarding for birdwatchers when the weather turns cold. 

Adam Long, Patty Muenks, Nadine King, Jerry Brown..."the list goes on and on of wonderful artists" at the 9th annual Fall Into Art, happening this weekend at the Parkade Center in Columbia! Guest: MELYNDA LOTVEN | Also, Voluntary Action Center's holiday program will serve roughly 1,000 families and disabled adults and seniors in our community this year. Executive director NICK FOSTER is asking for your help in making their season bright. (4:47) November 13, 2018

DASI SCHLUP talks about the highs and lows of being a social worker at MU Health Care's neonatal intensive care unit (NICU). Also, MARK PALMER and TERI WALDEN tell us why EnCircle Technologies and Woodhaven decided to join forces to better serve the needs of those already taking part in programs at both organizations. "It was a natural fit from the beginning." (5:01) November 12, 2018

Each year, the League of Women Voters honors an outstanding citizen or organization with the "Liz Schmidt Community Service Award." This year's recipient is...   Guest: MARILYN McLEOD | Also, MELANIE KNOCKE is making her final appearance as director of the Columbia Public Schools Planetarium. Find out why she's choosing to step down and what's next for both her and the planetarium; plus, get details on tomorrow's STEM Expo at Rock Bridge High School! (4:48) November 9, 2018

Oklahoma sculptor Charles Banks Wilson created a life-size sculpture of his friend, famed Missouri artist Thomas Hart Benton, that became a permanent fixture at the Kansas City Art Institute in 1990. The State Historical Society of Missouri has the model for that sculpture on display now in their gallery, and the public is invited to come check it out. Guest: JOAN STACK November 8, 2018

This week on Discover Nature, watch for white-tailed deer in rut. 

Each fall, fawns lose their spots, adults’ coats change from reddish-yellow to grayish brown, and bucks boast antlers to fight for territory and mating rights. 

Once abundant across Missouri, unregulated hunting nearly wiped them out completely. Thanks to decades of dedicated conservation efforts, our state’s rich habitat once again supports more than a million white-tailed deer. 

How best to describe Talking Horse Productions' annual Starting Gate New Play Festival? How about: three playwrights, two original plays (each), one theme ('truth and lies') for one weekend only. Guest: NATHAN O'NEIL | Also, tomorrow is a big day at KBIA because it's the start of the fall fund drive! Program Manager KYLE FELLING says this is a critical effort because one-third of the station's funding comes from drives like this thanks to listeners like you. (4:43) November 7, 2018

Sherlock Holmes has never sounded so good, and we think you'll agree after you see MU student composer HANS BRIDGER HERUTH's operatic spin on Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's famous detective this weekend at the Rhynsburger Theatre in Columbia. MARQUES JERRELL RUFF gives us a taste of what to expect when he performs "Sherlock's Aria" at (4:24). CHRISTINE SEITZ directs. November 6, 2018

It's our first show of the holiday season! To kick things off, ANN McGINITY invites the whole family to come to the Columbia Weavers and Spinners' Guild annual 'holiday extravaganza' this weekend at the Boone County History and Culture Center. Also, SCOTT MINIEA, Program Manager at Insurance Counseling Services, tells us how we can safely secure a health insurance policy for ourselves and/or our loved ones during the Affordable Care Act's open enrollment period, going on now. (4:39) November 5, 2018

Why are cigarettes so addictive? HEATHER HARLAN says it's because the nicotine goes in and out of your system so quickly that people begin craving it again which, in turn, creates the feeling of withdrawal which, in turn, leads to another cigarette. She adds that "quitting tobacco is a major lifestyle change," and that Phoenix Programs is here to help...slowly. November 2, 2018

We're taking a trip back to simpler times when the Sears catalog was what Amazon is today. Will the online giant succumb to the same fate as Sears has one day? ALEX LABRUNERIE, Labrunerie Financial, shares his thoughts. November 1, 2018