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Author Interview

Meet author DELIA REMINGTON! Her book, 'In the Blood', reimagines Queen Marie Antoinette as a vampire in present day St. Louis. The book is part one of three in her award-winning 'Blood Royal Saga' series! Also, Literacy Action Corps' LESLIE CLAY is looking for volunteers to tutor adults who either don't read well or don't speak english. If interested, there's a five-week training session beginning next week in Columbia! (4:20) August 28, 2019

Labor Day is just around the corner, and to help mark the unofficial end of summer (for the 60th time!), it's the Heart of America Marathon! Columbia Track Club member KATHY LEE tells us what's new this year and gives us details on the planned trek around south Columbia. Registration closes soon! Also, Kansas City-based author CHRISTINE J. GILBERT and editor/mom ANNEROSE WOODS tell us about the six books they've collaborated on over the years, including children's favorite, 'Super Grandma and Super Grandpa: The Unknown Superheroes', and their latest adult novel, 'Deep Seeded Secrets: Corruption, Lies and Murder'. (3:33) August 27, 2019

"Everything is a poison." Don't believe me? Guest OLEN R. BROWN says even oxygen is classified as a drug by the FDA. The real story is in his book, "The Art and Science of Poisons," but this is a fascinating conversation about the poisons we live with everyday. October 18, 2018

Alex George / University of Missouri

Alex George is a lawyer by day, and an author by even earlier in the day. The author of six books, including Setting Free the Kites – published by Penguin in February, is also organizing the Unbound Book Festival, in its second year running this April.

The festival will bring acclaimed writer Salman Rushdie, author of such books as Midnight’s Children and The Satanic Verses, to Columbia.

George said that as the festival organizer, he was glad to bring someone of Rushdie’s celebrity to Unbound and is excited to see Rushdie in front of an audience.

Courtesy of Silas Hansen

Julija Šukys talks to Silas Hansen about writing essays, hermit crabs, and what it means to go through the world as a transgender man.

Hansen’s work has appeared in The Normal SchoolThe Colorado Review, and has been anthologized in The Writer’s Presence. You can learn more about him at  

Today Paul Pepper visits with first-time guest - and Missouri's first poet laureate - WALTER BARGEN. Walter has written many books, his latest being "Gone West," which he reads a portion of on today's show! January 20, 2015

Author Margaret Atwood is prolific, beloved and extraordinarily accomplished. In addition to best-selling novels like The Handmaid's Tale and The Blind Assassin, she's penned poems, short stories, children's books, essays and works that defy classification.

But her fans will have to wait a long, long time for one particular piece of writing. She's working on a book that nobody will read for a hundred years — part of an art project that's going to require some special archival paper, as she explains to NPR's Arun Rath.