Callaway County Rejects Use Tax By 26 Votes

Apr 9, 2015

A use tax which would enable Callaway County to preserve $125,000 in annual tax revenue was defeated by 26 votes on Tuesday.

Bridgit Bowden / KBIA

  Ameren’s Callaway nuclear plant near Fulton is in its 30th year of operation. It has a 40-year license and is in the process of getting it renewed by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, or NRC.

Missouri Coalition for the Environment is heading an effort to stop it from being re-licensed.

One of their main concerns is spent, or used, radioactive rods that are left over after making power. When they’re taken out of the reactor, they’re still extremely hot and need to be stored in a cooling facility.

After weeks of being out of commission, Ameren's Callaway nuclear energy plant is back in service.