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MU School of Medicine Researcher Receives $3.7 Million Federal Grant

Oct 23, 2019
The six independently standing columns in front of Jesse Hall serve as a major landmark at the University of Missouri.
Sara Shahriari / KBIA

With a $3.7 million federal grant, MU is taking the first step in an effort to produce a more effective immunotherapy treatment for cancer patients.

This grant is part of the National Institutes of Health “Cancer MoonShot Initiative” whose goal is to make a decade’s worth of cancer research progress within five years, according to the NIH website.

Columbia Residents Shave Heads for Cancer Research

Apr 13, 2015

  Columbia residents gathered to shave their heads on Saturday in support of pediatric cancer research through a fundraiser held by the University of Missouri medical school.

MU medical students organized the event in partnership with the St. Baldrick’s Foundation to raise money to help fund pediatric cancer research grants. Forty-five people agreed to shave their heads as a demonstration of support for children who have undergone treatment for cancer.

A new Missouri law creates a checkbox on Missouri income tax forms that allows taxpayers to contribute a minimum of $1 of their tax return to fund pediatric cancer research.

“Sahara’s Law” was introduced by Cape Girardeau Republican Senator Wayne Wallingford, and it’s named after Sahara Aldridge. 

“She was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor and she fought that battle for 17 months, going through chemotherapy and radiation and even some alternate treatments,” Wallingford said. “But sadly she passed away when she was 13.”