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How do you know when it's time to take the keys away from someone whose symptoms of Alzheimer's/dementia are progressing? Among other reasons, LOIS LONG says when the person forgets where they're going, or when they make choices that are unsafe to themselves and other drivers. Lois reads an original poem titled 'Today' at [6:12]. November 1, 2019

The essence of being a caregiver involves three things: caring and giving and listening. That's according to LOIS LONG, a volunteer with the Greater Missouri Chapter of the Alzheimer's Association. Lois shares with us a poem she wrote that further expresses her beliefs called "An Invitation." May 30, 2019

Alzheimer's Association volunteer LOIS LONG says that the list of those affected by dementia is "growing exponentially" every year. She adds that early detection is key, and if diagnosed, to take the available medication right away to slow the disease down. Lois also talks about the ways in which caregivers can monitor patients who like to wander from home. March 8, 2019