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Christine J. Gilbert

Labor Day is just around the corner, and to help mark the unofficial end of summer (for the 60th time!), it's the Heart of America Marathon! Columbia Track Club member KATHY LEE tells us what's new this year and gives us details on the planned trek around south Columbia. Registration closes soon! Also, Kansas City-based author CHRISTINE J. GILBERT and editor/mom ANNEROSE WOODS tell us about the six books they've collaborated on over the years, including children's favorite, 'Super Grandma and Super Grandpa: The Unknown Superheroes', and their latest adult novel, 'Deep Seeded Secrets: Corruption, Lies and Murder'. (3:33) August 27, 2019

Today Paul Pepper visits with author CHRISTINE J. GILBERT and illustrator DAVID HARRIS about "Super Grandma and Super Grandpa: The Unknown Superheroes." This three-book series has a lot of action and a positive message that's entertaining enough for children, parents and, of course, grandparents! Also, David tells us about his own children's book - a work in progress - that deals with how to be a best friend. January 18, 2018