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City Manager Search Down to Two Candidates

Jul 2, 2019

The search for a new City Manager has narrowed down to two candidates as of Monday. Finalists John Glascock and James Palenick will go through a two-day interview process from July 10 to July 11. This process includes interviews with every member of city council, as well as sessions with senior staff members and a public reception.

Mayor Brian Treece says that his only bias going in is the best interests for the City of Columbia.

Details Remain Murky as City Manager Search Continues

Jun 6, 2019

City officials began interviews Thursday with candidates for Columbia's next city manager. The interviews, which were scheduled to be held throughout the day in the Howard Municipal Building near city hall, were closed to the public.

Last week the Columbia/Boone County Department of Public Health and Human Services released their 2018 Community Health Assessment. The assessment found larger amounts of racial disparities exist in the county when it comes to health care and wealth.

The study revealed white Boone County residents make about $53,000 a year, while black residents make only $30,000.

Education is one of the largest factors behind the gap. Black residents have the lowest four year graduation rates from 2013 to 2017, and are nearly 10 percent behind white residents.

2018 was a busy year for the City of Columbia's Office of Sustainability! BARBARA BUFFALOE takes a look back at the good, the bad and the "world's stupidest problem." Plus, get details on the first Fix-It Fair of the new year! January 10, 2019

BARBARA BUFFALOE talks about the City of Columbia Office of Sustainability's 'Climate Action Community Forum', happening tomorrow at City Hall. Let your voice be heard as the city drafts its own climate action and adaptation plan! November 27, 2018

Ballot Proposal Aims to Alleviate Shortage of Bingo Game Workers

Oct 26, 2018

Missouri's multimillion-dollar bingo game industry has been in steady decline, but could find relief under a ballot proposal that aims to alleviate the shortage of workers.

The Columbia Missourian reports that the Amendment 4 proposal on the Nov. 6 ballot would remove language from the Missouri Constitution that restricts bingo advertisement and changes prerequisites for bingo volunteers.

Columbia Mayor Introduces Citizen Transparency Portal

Oct 26, 2018

Columbia Mayor Brian Treece introduced the Citizen Transparency portal Friday morning in the Council Chambers. The portal makes public data easier to access.

The portal logs the city’s financial data, including revenues, expenditures and employee payrolls. 

City to Conduct Smoke Tests of Sewers Downtown, on MU Campus

Mar 22, 2018

If you see white smoke rising from drains or buildings next week, don't be alarmed. It's likely to be part of a series of tests the City of Columbia Sewer Utility is conducting to identify areas where stormwater is getting into the sanitary sewers.

To tax or not to tax—that was the question short-term rental owners, hotel owners and the Columbia Visitors Bureau debated last night.

Meiying Wu

  The City of Columbia’s 2017 Citizen Survey results revealed that citizens’ satisfaction with quality of police services decreased in the past year.

Only 47 percent of citizens indicated they were satisfied with police response times and efforts to prevent crimes.


Dale Roberts is the executive director of the Columbia Police Officers’ Association. He said he was not at all surprised by the results.

“We’re not embarrassed by that number,” Roberts said. “We don’t feel like we got a bad grade. It actually supports what we’ve been saying all along, which is that we need more officers.”

Boone County Fire District Seeks Reimbursement through Legislation

Feb 15, 2018
Meiying Wu

After decades of negotiating territory with the city of Columbia, the Boone County Fire Protection District is seeking help through legislation.

For years, the Fire District hasn’t been getting reimbursed for services they provide in the annexed areas of the city because the property taxes are going to Columbia.

  The City of Columbia Commission on Human Rights met yesterday to review the possible addition of new protected categories. Protected categories shield citizens from being discriminated against for reasons such as race, religion and sexual orientation. The commission agreed to send a memo to City Council proposing up to six new categories, including receipt of government assistance and refugee status.


Today Paul Pepper visits with the City of Columbia's BARBARA BUFFALOE, Sustainability Manager, and PATRICIA HAYLES, Community Relations Specialist, about the Mayor's Climate Protection Agreement (MCPA) awards nomination process. Applications are still being accepted! Also, Barbara invites those who need a small appliance repaired, and those who know how to fix a small appliance, to the first (possibly annual) "Fix-It Fair"! Watch for details! November 8, 2017

Today Paul Pepper visits with BARBARA BUFFALOE, Sustainability Manager at the City of Columbia, about the annual 'Sustainable Living Fair' happening Sunday, October 15 at City Hall in downtown Columbia. Come and learn about all the ways to minimize your carbon footprint while saving a few bucks on energy bills! October 6, 2017

Today Paul Pepper visits with BARBARA BUFFALOE, Sustainability Manager at the City of Columbia, about what Columbia's 'Climate Action Plan' means to the people of Mid-Missouri. Next month, the public is invited to attend a council meeting in which the Office of Sustainability will be presenting a comprehensive report that details efforts made by the citizens of Columbia to reduce carbon emissions, and a plan to continue those efforts into the future. Watch for details! July 24, 2017

New Lanes, New Look for Old 63, Stadium Intersection

Apr 10, 2017
MoDOT logo
File Photo / KBIA

There's something for pedestrians, bicyclists and motorists in a $1.75 million project underway at Stadium Boulevard and Old 63.

Crosswalks with push-button signals, bicycle lanes and new turn lanes are being added to the intersection in an effort to make the area safer and more accessible for pedestrians and cyclists.

Today Paul Pepper visits with BARBARA BUFFALOE, Sustainability Manager at the City of Columbia, about Earth Hour 2017. Plan to join the rest of the world and go dark from 8:30 p.m. - 9:30 p.m. this Saturday, March 25! A small gesture can make a big impact on future generations to come. Watch for details! March 23, 2017


Columbia city officials launched an online survey to assess residents' priorities regarding city projects for the next fiscal year.

According to the city’s website, it expects to receive federal funds from the Department of Housing and Urban Development with a total of over $1 million.

Housing Programs Supervisor Randy Cole said the funds will go toward a variety of community activities to help provide economic opportunities, stabilize neighborhoods and assist with affordable housing.

Columbia Announces Plan to Upgrade Parking Meters

Dec 6, 2016
Wikimedia Commons

Parking in downtown Columbia will look a little different come mid-January. The city’s public works department announced Tuesday it will upgrade nearly all of the city’s downtown parking meters.

The project, which comes with a roughly $475,000 price tag, will make each meter payable by coins, a new prepaid card system, or the Parkmobile app.

Of the more than 1,800 meters the city oversees downtown, about 90 percent will receive some sort of upgrade, though about half of existing meters will only get their internal mechanisms reworked.

The 710 meters set for replacement will make way for new meters that serve two parking spots at a time.

“These new meters have increased security. They have better tracking; better auditing data,” said Shay Jasper, of the Columbia Public Works Department. Jasper added the bright LED display will make the new meters easier to read.

The project is scheduled to start start Jan. 7 and finish on Jan. 13 assuming weather conditions are favorable, according to the city. Jasper said January was a good time to get the work done since many of Columbia’s college students are out of town for the holidays.

The new two-spot meters add a step to the payment process for drivers, making sure to select which spot they are paying for. Jasper says the process is “pretty straightforward,” and that the department will “hand out some brochures at the start” to help customers along.

Aleissa Bleyl / KBIA

More than 1,300 volunteers participated in Cleanup Columbia on Saturday, an annual event where people all over the city pick up litter along streets, streams and trails.

Work begins on Hominy Creek Trail Extension

Mar 22, 2016
City of Columbia

  Work on a new extension to Columbia’s Hominy Creek Trail began Monday, according to a city press release.

Demolition of Local Businesses Delayed

Mar 15, 2016

Two local businesses are still standing as their pending demolition has been delayed.

The city of Columbia announced in a press release last week that Quinton’s Bar and Deli and Britches Clothing at the corner of 9th and Locust in Downtown Columbia would be demolished on Monday the 14th of March. But the demolition has yet to happen, and Quinton’s has remained open as the new demolition date is still uncertain.

Today Paul Pepper visits with BARBARA BUFFALOE, Sustainability Manager at the City of Columbia, about Earth Hour! Barbara says "it's a global discussion and it's a global effort to really make a difference in climate change." It's coming up this Saturday - will you be ready to flip the switch? March 15, 2016

Today Paul Pepper and BARBARA BUFFALOE, Sustainability Manager at the City of Columbia, talk about how - among other topics (such as recycling, the CoMo Energy Challenge, Christmas Tree curbside pickup and more) - Columbia uses methane from the landfill to power a turbine that generates electricity. Crazy stuff - watch! January 6, 2016

Today Paul Pepper visits with BARBARA BUFFALOE, Sustainability Manager at the City of Columbia, about ways to "save money where we can, so we can spend it where we want to." One way is to switch to LED light bulbs on the tree - they'll last for 40 Christmases! December 9, 2015

Cooperation gives Columbia Future Road Improvements

Nov 4, 2015
Jacob Fenston / KBIA

A cost share project between the City of Columbia and the Missouri Highway Transportation Commission has been finalized.

Today Paul Pepper and BARBARA BUFFALOE, Sustainability Manager for the City of Columbia, talk about a wide range of topics, including: recycling, household hazardous waste, CoMo Energy Challenge and more. You have questions, we have answers! November 2, 2015

File Photo / KBIA

The city of Columbia is moving back toward using red-light cameras. 

Previously, the city had used cameras from 2009 to 2013, but stopped because of unclear court rulings surrounding their use.

Last month, the Missouri Supreme Court ruled the use of red-light cameras was constitutional, which prompted the city to look back into installing cameras at various intersections.

City of Columbia Earns Partial Win in Former Employee Lawsuit

Sep 29, 2015
Joe Gratz / Flickr

Zim Schwartze filed suit against the City of Columbia, City Manager Michael Matthes and Police Chief Thomas Burton. Schwartze is a former police captain and former Director of the Columbia/Boone County Office of Emergency Management. 

Kyle Norris / KBIA

The city of Columbia is looking toward the future. City Manager Mike Matthes spoke at public forum at City Hall Thursday morning about the city’s strategic plan for the next four years.

The plan, which will be introduced and could be approved by the city council at Tuesday’s meeting, includes five key projects: the economy, social equality, public safety, infrastructure, and workforce performance. Matthes said the biggest issue the city is looking to address is poverty.