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City of Columbia Recycling

The City of Columbia's dedication to preserving and restoring 'roadside pollinators' - native plants that grow alongside the road that attract monarch butterflies that are often mowed over - is a "long-term investment for ourselves, for our future generations and for the environment." Guest: BARBARA BUFFALOE, City of Columbia sustainability manager July 24, 2020

These days, recycling may seem like a no-brainer, yet KEN MIDKIFF tells us that statistics show only 17% of Columbians recycle - despite the supposed ease of operation (the blue bag). Find out why and how that number compares to the national average. March 23, 2020

Instead of throwing out broken bikes, lamps, small kitchen appliances, toys, clothing, etc., why not get them fixed and keep them out of the landfill? That's the goal of the City of Columbia's semi-regular Fix-It Fair - the next one being tomorrow afternoon at Lowe's in Columbia. Guest: LELANDE REHARD  July 26, 2019

Today Paul Pepper and BARBARA BUFFALOE, Sustainability Manager at the City of Columbia, talk about what to do with your Christmas tree once it comes down. (No rush, seriously!) One option is to have the city pick up your full-sized tree (through the end of January) and use it to create methane via the bioreactor at the landfill. Find out more! Plus, get an update on the CoMo Energy Challenge - just two days left to try and win $5M! December 29, 2016

Today Paul Pepper welcomes back BARBARA BUFFALOE, Sustainability Manager at the City of Columbia! It's officially the holiday season, and before you know it, you'll be wrapping gifts for friends and family. If you're wanting to keep the process environmentally-friendly, then watch for Barbara's tips on how to keep it 'green'! (She also delves into how to keep our home energy costs down without sacrificing comfort.) November 25, 2016

Today Paul Pepper visits with JODY COOK, Recreation Specialist for the City of Columbia, about composting (sign up and get a free bin!); household hazardous waste (you don't have to get out of your car!); and volunteering (got a few hours to spare?)! At [4:45] ASHLEY GUILLEMETTE, Director of MU's Family Impact Center, talks about the many helpful (and free!) programs - such youth camps and MedZou - offered by FIC! Ashley says, "as long as you can get to Family Impact Center, we will serve you." July 11, 2016

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The city of Columbia took in nearly one million dollars in parking revenues from January to August 2015 according to a parking system and enforcement report released last week. That’s more parking revenue than in all of 2014. 

Today Paul Pepper and LAURIE KNAUF, Central Missouri Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, talk about added sugars. Are you a chronic soda drinker? Before you pop that next tab, take a look at what the sugar content of just one soda a day for one week looks like. At [4:18] BARBARA BUFFALOE, Sustainability Manager for the City of Columbia, tells us why you should be composting - "it's way more than just throwing fruits and vegetables in a hole in the backyard!" - and how the city can help get you started! August 19, 2015

Today Paul Pepper visits with KIM KRAUS, Group Coordinator, County House Greenspace Preservation, about their mission to keep a 12.7 acre property in Columbia greenspace. They're asking for donations! At [3:51] ANDREA SHELTON, Volunteer Program Coordinator for the City of Columbia, tells us about a new litter control team. If you're an individual interested in keeping litter under control, this might be for you! July 16, 2015

Today Paul Pepper visits with actress TORI STEPANEK, who's playing the title character in Capital City Players' production of "Mary Poppins." It opens this Thursday! At [3:54] ANDREA SHELTON, City of Columbia's Recycling Department, tells us about the 'beginners compost class' happening this Saturday. If you have an interest in composting, this is where to start (because you get a free compost bin for attending)! June 8, 2015

Today Paul Pepper and ANDREA SHELTON talk about the City of Columbia's 'Master Composting Class,' happening May 5th, 6th and 7th. It's not too late to join the fun - watch for details! (Andrea shares information about a regular composting class, too.) May 4, 2015