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MU Health Care Pavilion to Host Farmers Market

Mar 14, 2019

The Columbia Farmers Market will move to a new location later this spring.

The MU Health Care Pavilion will house the weekly market starting in April of this year. Corrina Smith is the executive director of the Columbia Farmers Market. She thinks the new pavilion will have a positive impact on the market.

“To have a roof over our heads and to have this permanent location will just be huge, huge, amazing benefit for our organization and for our vendors and customers,” Smith said. “The pavilion will allow us to be able to be in the same spot every Saturday, year-round.”

GEORGE KENNEDY: Urban Agriculture on the Rise in Columbia

Apr 17, 2017
Missouri School of Journalism

I make it a practice never to turn down free food and drink, so when Jeff Chinn invited me to a program this week at the new Barred Owl restaurant, I accepted instantly.

It turned out that, along with the exotic nourishment, the 100 or so of us in attendance got a useful reminder that “urban agriculture” is not the oxymoron it might appear to be.

Instead, what that term means for Columbia is, at the moment, a 1.3-acre mid-city cooperative garden and, just over the horizon, an ambitious Agriculture Park on the old fairgrounds next to the Activity and Recreation Center and the Columbia Farmers Market.

Monday night’s gathering was the quiet launch of what will be a three-stage, $5 million fund drive with the goal of creating a 5-acre garden and outdoor classroom...

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Gardening connoisseur leads food panel at MU expo

Apr 14, 2014
Farmers Market
Natalie Maynor

Experts from all over the state came together to challenge major issues in the food industry during the MU botanical garden expo today.

adapted from NatalieMaynor / Flickr

  Not only are there two farmers' markets on the same day, but they're less than a mile away from each other.

Flickr / Natalie Maynor

A Columbia farmers market flap highlights the challenges of ensuring that products labeled as locally-grown are the real thing.

Wilson's Garden Center owner Chuck Bay says he was kicked out of the popular Columbia Farmers Market for violating the market's vendor rules.