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September is Prostate Cancer Awareness Month. DR. KATIE MURRAY, MU Health Care urologist, wants to make sure men between the ages of 55-70 are screened, because "when we do find prostate cancer, it's very treatable." Also, ELIZABETH STEPHENS, director of community outreach for the Columbia Missourian, is looking to you to uncover the unsung heroes in our community and nominate them for the 3rd annual Progress Awards! (3:35) September 5, 2019

Three candidates - Blake Willoughby, Jay Atkins and Della Streaty-Wilhoit - are running for two open seats on the Columbia Board of Education on April 2. KBIA spoke with three Columbia Missourian reporters, each of who has been covering a candidate.

House Democrat Questions African-American Representation in State Agencies

Feb 19, 2019

As numerous high-ranking officials presented budget recommendations to a House committee this year, state Rep. Tommie Pierson Jr. noticed one key theme.

Not a single one of them was African-American.

“And the number that I’ve been trying to keep a tally of is, how many African-Americans have presented this $28 billion Missouri budget? And that number is zero,” said Pierson, D-St. Louis.

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If we don’t make some changes soon, we’re heading for ‘climate catastrophe.” That’s the message from a report from the United Nations this week. The headlines are hyperbolic, the reporting is there, but will it make people care?

Could a coyote have taken someone's cat? MU Veterinary Health Center's CB CHASTAIN says yes. If you're concerned for your pet's safety, check out some of CB's tips during our short interview! Also, meet RUBY BAILEY. She's the newly-appointed executive editor of the Columbia Missourian. Hear what she has to say about the state of the industry and why she loves community journalism. (4:25) October 1, 2018

MU Staff Members Question Administrators About Potential Layoffs

Apr 19, 2017
Columns at University of Missouri
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Worries about potential staff layoffs at MU were not assuaged Tuesday after an open forum allowed staff to ask questions to university administrators. 

About 100 people attended the forum, which was hosted by the MU Staff Advisory Council, an organization that acts as a liaison between staff and administration on campus. Staff members were invited to submit questions beforehand, which were presented to a panel of administrators along with questions from the attendees.

MU Head Basketball Coach Kim Anderson to Step Down

Mar 6, 2017

Missouri will be in the market for a new basketball coach this spring.

In a news release Sunday, the school announced that Kim Anderson will step down as head coach at the end of the 2016-2017 season, through the request of Athletic Director Jim Sterk.

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  The Columbia Missourian announced it is dropping its paywall revenue model, replacing it with a new survey model. Readers will be able to access content -- and share it on social media -- after taking a short Google survey. Missouri School of Journalism faculty Amy Simons, Lynda Kraxberger and Jim Flink discuss the issue.

Columbia Missourian to drop paywall, move to surveys

Jun 4, 2014

The Columbia Missourian has ended its 24-hour viewing paywall and moved on to a new survey format created through a program by Google.