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Hickman High School
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The Columba Public School Board voted 6 -1 Monday night to begin the school year entirely online – a change from the intended in-person/hybrid plan introduced just a few weeks ago.

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Columbia Public Schools will have two vacant positions to fill at the end of this school year.

Chief Financial Officer and Chief Operating Officer Linda Quinley will be leaving the district on June 30, alongside Assistant Superintendent for Human Resources Brian Kurz.

Quinley, who has worked for CPS for 11 years, plays a significant role in the district’s day to day operations. She is responsible for over ten departments including the transportation, nutrition services, technology services, athletics and employee benefits departments.

The Columbia Board of Education and Columbia Public School administrators are looking to close the achievement gap.

A 2016 performance report identifies a seven percent decrease in performance from 2015 for subgroups such as CPS students of color, low income students and special education students who have a significantly lower performance than their white counterparts.

Closing the achievement gap has been on the agenda for CPS for several years, but they have been struggling with how to effectively handle the situation and are now planning to take action.

Top Educators Say Farewell to Columbia Public Schools

Feb 16, 2017

Two top local educators are saying farewell to the Columbia Public School District after years of service.

Gentry Middle School Principal Jeff Beiswinger believes that after 32 years as an educator, it’s finally time to retire. After 26 years of commitment to Columbia Public School District, he’s saying farewell and “going out the right way.”

Temperatures plummeted in Missouri after freezing rain blanketed roads with ice, causing scores of accidents including some fatalities. At least three deaths in Missouri were blamed on icy roads Friday after a treacherous mix of snow and freezing rain blasted much of the state.

Columbia Public Schools

The Columbia Public School District took the first step toward rewording its nondiscrimination policy at a meeting Monday night.  The school board voted to put the issue on the agenda for discussion and a possible vote in September. 

The changes would include replacing “gender” in the policy with the phrases “gender identity” and “gender expression.”

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   The Columbia Public Schools Board of Education unanimously rejected reinstating a pay step increase for teachers that taught in the district during the 2008-2009 school year.

Because of the missed pay step, teachers hired since that time have a higher pay scale than these longer serving teachers. School Board President James Whitt said the district is in deficit spending, and is not in the financial shape necessary to reinstate the pay increase.

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The most contentious part of a building a new school is shifting attendance boundary lines. Some families get to stay, others switch schools, leave friends, and if they’re lucky, get a shorter commute.

Columbia Public Schools

  The Columbia School Board appointed Kristi Shinn to be the new principal of Derby Ridge Elementary school this Monday.

Kristi Shinn is currently the principal of Main Street Elementary School in Troy, Mo, and she has 13 years of experience as an elementary principal and seven years as a teacher.

The Derby Ridge Elementary School’s hiring committee included school administrators, teachers and parents, all of who were impressed by Shinn’s rich experiences, said Michelle Baumstark, community relations director of the School Board.

In the coming weeks, KBIA will be reporting on what effect the addition of Battle High School and the restructuring of middle schools have had on Columbia Public Schools overall. 


Gentry Middle School has more students than any other middle school in the Columbia Public School District.  You can see the exact enrollment numbers below: 

Columbia public schools offer online gym class

Nov 20, 2014
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Two Columbia public high schools are offering an online physical education program class.

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Citizens of Columbia and the city’s public school district agreed that increasing support at home for students would lead to better academic performance at Wednesday night’s meeting.

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  Construction of Columbia’s newest elementary school is set to begin next month at Scott Boulevard and Route KK.

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School started Tuesday for Columbia Public Schools. District officials say the first day went off without any problems despite district-wide construction and renovations that took place over the summer.

During the summer, CPS was working on $48 million-worth of projects, not including construction of the new Battle Elementary, which is expected to open for summer classes in 2015. Columbia Public Schools spokesperson Michelle Baumstark says there are still a few minor adjustments to be made in the first weeks of classes.

On this week's Intersection, we will be talking about Science Education in the Columbia Public School System 

It’s a new era for Columbia Public Schools...

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With seven snow days, Columbia Public Schools has already surpassed its allotted limit of six snow days for the 2013-14 school year. For most, a snow day leads to relaxation. For people involved in the transportation and reception of food, it means exactly the opposite.

Their line of communication never ends. The Columbia Public School District has 34 schools to keep track of. That means 34 kitchens that receive food multiple times a week. Depending on what time a snow day is announced, it may be too late to stop a delivery service.

Watch the show and join the conversation on the Intersection website.

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We all know the way to a healthy body is a balanced diet and exercise. But we also know that’s easier said than done. However, with almost one-third of Missouri children ages 10 to 17 overweight or obese, it’s becoming more and more important to instill healthy habits young.

This week on Intersection, two dietitians and an exercise expert shared doable tips for parents to keep kids on the right track.

Three Columbia schools were on modified lockdown for about an hour Thursday afternoon.

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The price of student lunches will go up 10 cents starting in the fall of 2012. A 2010 federal requirement says school districts must generate enough revenue to pay for the cost of lunches themselves.