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There's a movement happening this year in which monuments to controversial figures are being removed or suppressed at the request of those it offends. Local columnist/activist/environmentalist KEN MIDKIFF tells us about another one that you may not know about: Sierra Club founder John Muir, who was a "absolute racist." September 4, 2020

Local columnist KEN MIDKIFF recently wrote an op-ed in the Columbia Missourian about a very timely topic: the removal of statues across the country. On today's show, we talk about Ken's article: what he learned while writing it and what he hopes will be people's takeaway after reading it. July 16, 2020

Columnist/environmentalist KEN MIDKIFF says that research shows that in the span of just 20 years (1998-2018), the number of polluted streams/lakes/rivers in Missouri went from 115 to 471. Why the sharp increase? Ken says there are two reasons - one of which speaks to the improved efforts by the Missouri Department of Natural Resources to analyze such data. October 7, 2019