como weekender

CoMo Weekender: Summertime ft art, wine and plays

Jul 13, 2012
Laura Lloyd
Laura Lloyd

Beat the heat with these indoor events. Sip wine and enjoy art. Catch a musical or comedy. Go anywhere that has the A/C pumping.


Continue celebrating 'merica this weekend. Catch First Friday at Artlandlish Gallery or shows at Mojo's and the Fugue. Round out the weekend with play.

fourth of july
City of Columbia Parks and Recreation

This weekend might be a heat wave, but skip your plans to sit in front of the fan. Instead, go to the Maplewood Barn or check out Columbia’s community gardens. Then plan your Fourth of July. Follow our guide. 

Embrace the warmth this weekend--Summer has officially begun! Check out shows from the Hot Summer Nights series. Take a trip to Boonville Heritage Days. Drink wine for puppies or catch a few flicks. Celebrate my favorite season. Here’s how:

comoweekender indian art 3
Jonathan Stephanoff

No getaways needed here. This town has you covered. Take a trip to India or Hogsmeade without having to deal with expensive summer airfares or pesky imaginary worlds. Dance in the street. Showcase your beer snobbery. Skip those June weddings and hit up the plays instead. You'll see what I mean.

Photos from Art in the Park 2011
Jonathan Steffens

This weekend is all about supporting artists and charities. Explore Art in the Park. Hop rummage sales. Or take some me-time by heading to a cocktail party or concert. Start the month of right. Here’s how:


Art in the Park (Sat-Sun, 10 a.m.)

Michelle Peltier

Celebrate the long weekend, even if you don't get Monday off. Soak some sun on the Katy Trail at the Pedaler's Jamboree. Watch plays that you haven't seen since that middle school field trip. Check out some Native American art or an indie rock show. There’s plenty to do!

Happy May ft. Bike, Walk, Wheel Week and Waffles

May 11, 2012

The college students might be heading out but that doesn’t mean this town shuts down. Time to celebrate with the real locals. Join the community for Bike, Walk & Wheel Week. Support a local band or troupe of young thespians. Relive True/False. Do it all with a tummy full of chicken ’n waffles. See below.


The Believers

Branch out from the classic Mexican food y margaritas Cinco de Mayo celebration. Before you hit up La Siesta or El Maguey, go to these events. Those tequila shots can wait. You have all weekend.

Everyone can feel like a local this weekend. Yes, even you with the out-of-state drivers license. Just spend some time in The District. Check out a farmers market or a few local theater productions. Take a final trip to Cool Stuff. That will definitely stamp you as a cool local and stuff.

ARTlandish Gallery

Whether your work week dragged on or flew by, the weekend’s arrival is cause for celebration. For those not trekking out of town for Easter weekend, visit art galleries in the North Village Arts District this Friday. Or, spend Saturday at an egg hunt or a farmer’s market. 

The A-Frame at Les Bourgeois
Les Bourgeois

The kids might have the whole week off, but you have something better: the weekend. Soak up some sun this weekend and pretend you're on spring break, too. Visit the vineyards. Run a 5K. Adopt a new pup--anything to stay in the sun!


A-Frame Grand Re-Opening at Les Bourgeois Vineyards (Sat, 3 p.m.)

Hermann Tourism

Sure, the rain rain did not go away. Instead, it came again every day. But, that’s no reason to be a homebody this weekend! Treat yourself to a sausage in Hermann or visit some shows and galleries around Columbia. Just pack an umbrella and a pair of wellies (aka rain boots) in case we’re in for more Londontown showers.

Robert Swain

CoMo Weekender - St. Patrick's Day Edition ft. Roller Derby, Trains and More

The spring equinox is next week, but celebrate warm weather early. Start spending part of St. Patrick’s Day outside The District. Don’t worry, McNally’s will have those half-yard green beers upon your return. Then, round out the weekend back in town with something hot (Tango Workshop) and something heavy (BENT).

CoMo Weekender ft. Women, Plays and Bikes

Mar 9, 2012
Nick Schnelle

IAT's 4th Annual Short Women's Play Festival (Fri-Sun, 7 p.m.)

Get ready for another festival, and this one won’t have you standing in the Q before the show. The Independent Actors Theatre is hosting the 4th Annual Short Women’s Play Festival at The Bridge. In conjunction with Woman’s History Month, the six featured plays are new works by female playwrights from around the country.