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End-of-life doula MICKEY HAVENER is "on a crusade to encourage people to spend time with their loved one after they've passed" after the recent death of her brother provided her (and her sister) a unique type of closure. June 30, 2020

"As doulas, what we try to do is find out the goals of the person who's dying. We're really there for that person. We try to build enough trust that they will tell us what it is they want to happen in whatever time they have left." -- MICKEY HAVENER, End-of-Life Doula March 18, 2020

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Expectant parents might considering hiring a doula to assist with the childbirth process, but to many, the role doulas play in that process remains a mystery. To learn more about doulas's work, KBIA's Sara Shahriari spoke with local doula and student midwife Sabrina Bias – who became interested in the profession after hiring a doula and midwife to assist with one of her own births.