The Pawn: On Storytelling and Public Health

Aug 15, 2016
Lise Saffran

Storytelling and Public Health Policy: Lise Saffran explores how to use narrative to effect change. 


Courtesy of Silas Hansen

Julija Šukys talks to Silas Hansen about writing essays, hermit crabs, and what it means to go through the world as a transgender man.

Hansen’s work has appeared in The Normal SchoolThe Colorado Review, and has been anthologized in The Writer’s Presence. You can learn more about him at  

Nathan Lawrence / KBIA

In this special, hear the voices of journalism students from the University of Missouri. They know that figuring out who you are isn't as easy as it sounds. They were challenged in their magazine writing capstone class to tell stories from their lives that have helped shape who they are. With help from their teacher and master-storyteller, Berkley Hudson, they recount stories from first loves and first tattoos to losses that touched their lives.