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Why didn’t NBC run Ronan Farrow’s Harvey Weinstein story last summer when it could? Why did the network encourage him to find another outlet for the piece? It seems Farrow, his producer and the network’s chairman have different takes as to why.

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President Trump is home from Helsinki and hearing the reaction to his joint news conference with Russian President Vladimir Putin, and backing off some of Monday’s statements.

David Beard, Poynter: “Trump visit ‘exhausting’ British press corps

Brian Stelter, CNN: “Trump ratchets up ‘fake news’ rally cry overseas during UK visit

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  The Federal Communications Commission agreed to decrease how much money companies can charge for phone calls made from jails and prisons.

The agency voted Thursday to cap rates on all local, in-state long distance, interstate and international calls. The changes go further than restrictions adopted two years ago that limited rates on inmate calls from one state to another.

The changes will take effect in prisons early next year and in jails by mid-2016.

In a report released earlier this year, the FCC acknowledged that some of its policies and regulations are out of sync with the swiftly evolving media markets and the information needs of communities.

According to an FCC Report released last summer, local journalism is in a state of crisis.

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